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1928 3.89 (December 23) Hopes for Hydes fades. Canyon rescuers still hunt vainly for the missing couple. (p. 20) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1928 3.90 (December 25) Tracks of Hyde found in canyon. Footprints, evidently left by Colorado River voyager, are at bottom of great gorge. Couple missing 40 days. Discovery of trace is announced after two search parties had failed to report. (p. 36) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1928 3.91 (December 26) Press search in canyon. Party hunting the Hydes spurred by finding of footprints. (p. 3) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1928 3.1166 (April 29) Senators in tilt over Boulder Dam. Ashurst shouts defiance at Johnson of California in opposing measure. Puts flood control first. Johnson draws second outburst by declaring Senate flood bill in bad faith. (p. N2)

1928 3.1168 (May 23) Boulder Dam plot charged to Hearst. Leatherwood, in House, calls measure a "steal" for publisher's papers. Senate takes up measure. Johnson disputes Smoot's figures on cost--Proponents there insist on vote before adjournment. (p. 6)

1928 3.1169 (May 24) Boulder Dam battle holds House interest. Douglas of Arizona strongly opposes measure, while Swing of California defends it. (p. 2)

1928 3.1170 (May 24) Boulder Dam. (p. 28) [Editorial.]

1928 3.1171 (May 26) Boulder Dam bill passed by House. $125,000,000 project accepted without a roll-call after recommitment is lost. Senate vote is demanded. Johnson's threat to keep chamber in session for it appears likely to be thwarted. (p. 2)

1928 3.1172 (May 28) Johnson to fight on for Boulder Dam bill. Says he will hold up other business till senate votes on measure. (p. 17)

1928 3.1159 (January 12) Engineers oppose Boulder Dam bill. Council at Washington also against establishing a Muscle Shoals commission. (p. 16)

1928 3.1160 (January 22) Labor federation for Boulder Dam. But council believes federal commission should control operation of development. Favors a power inquiry. Wires Senator Watson any investigation should be of a non-partisan character. (p. 17)

1928 3.1161 (March 17) Boulder Dam measure revised for Senate. Irrigation Committee, with only Ashurst dissenting, reports favorably on amendments. (p. 13)

1928 3.1162 (April 8) Boulder Dam. (p. E4) [Editorial.]

1928 3.1163 (April 21) Engineers score plan for one Boulder Dam. Committee here bases recommendation on the study of present project. (p. 30)

1928 3.1164 (April 27) Harnessing the Colorado. (p. 24) [Editorial.]

1928 3.1179 (August 18) Los Angeles cheers as Hoover demands Boulder Dam action. 100,000 acclaim nominee in his greatest ovation since convention in June. Basin state unity urged. Speech of 300 words, with interpolations, calls for highest dam possible. He sees a national asset. Candidate is accalimed in other California cities--Resumes journey toward the east. (pp. 1-2)

1928 3.1180 (August 20) Hoover on Boulder Dam. (p. 11) [Editorial]

1928 3.1181 (October 10) Robinson promises Boulder Dam action. Tells Los Angeles audience Smith, if elected, will press development. Assails Hoover as vague. Vice Presidential nominee meets South Carolina democrats--Goes on to San Francisco. (p. 7)

1928 3.1182 (October 29) Says Hoover favors dam. Akerson explains nominee's views on Boulder project construction. (p. 10)

1928 3.1183 (November 17) Coolidge will outline plan for Boulder Dam. Partial findings of experts will guide him in proposing legislation to Congress. (p. 12)

1928 3.1184 (December 5) Moves to remodel Boulder Dam plan. Senator Phipps offers amendments to pending bill, raising cost to $165,000,000. Johnson sticks to views. He declares the President endorses the original project in his message. (p. 27)

1928 3.1185 (December 5) The engineers on Boulder Dam. (p. 29) [Editorial.]

1928 3.1186 (December 5) Debate renewed on Boulder Dam. Old dispute between states is revived when Johnson calls up the measure. Hint of filibuster seen. Hayden quotes Hoover speech as showing President-elect's hostility to power plant. (p. 25)

1928 3.1187 (December 5) Revive old controversy. (p. 25)

1928 3.1188 (December 9) Senators hopeful on Boulder Dam. Conferences are expected to speed early passage of pending bill. Try to end differences. King of Utah, lately an opponent, predicts measure will go through. (p. 29)

1928 3.1189 (December 12) Boulder Dam flow divided by Senate. It gives 4,400,000 annual acre feet to California, compromising dispute with Arizona. Johnson opposes move. He declares rival state holds up settlement of other issues--Vote is 48 to 29. (p. 11)

1928 3.1190 (December 13) Senate limits talk on Boulder Dam. By a compromise, strict cloture is adopted on the debate schedule today. Passage this week likely. (p. 7)

1928 3.1191 (December 14) Johnson forecasts Boulder Dam passage. He says bill will probably go through today--Government construction provided. (p. 14)

1928 3.1192 (December 15) Boulder Dam bill passes the Senate. Thirty-one Republicans and 32 Democrats vote for measure carrying $165,000,000. Now goes to conference. Measure to harness Colorado River for power and flood control wins eight-year fight. (pp. 1, 7)

1928 3.1193 (December 15) Will be world's biggest dam. (p. 7)

1928 3.1194 (December 16) House plans to push Boulder Dam bill. Republican leaders hope to obtain concurrence without conference action. (p. 2)

1928 3.1195 (December 17) Boulder Dam. (p. 22) [Editorial.]

1928 3.1196 (December 18) Sciences academy meets. Prof. Berkey discusses his study of Boulder Dam project. [Charles P. Berkey address to New York Academy of Sciences.]

1928 3.1197 (December 19) Boulder Dam bill sent to Coolidge. House adopts the conference report approving Senate changes by 166 to 122. Party lines are broken. Colorado River project calls for $165,000,000--President is expected to sign bill. (pp. 1, 11)

1928 3.1198 (December 22) President signs Boulder Dam bill. He clears the way for the $165,000,000 project on the Colorado River. Seven states affected. World's highest dam will provide irrigation, flood control and power. Arizona voices protest. But California and Nevada people rejoice--Utah officials withhold comment. (p. 3)

1928 3.1199 (December 22) Disappointment in Arizona. (p. 3)

1928 3.1200 (December 22) Celebration at Las Vegas, Nev. (p. 3)

1928 3.1202 (December 30) Prepare to survey for Boulder Dam. Engineers will start early in new year on $165,000,000 Colorado River project. Chief to be named later. Choice will follow preliminary reports--R. F. Walter, head of staff, now supervising. (p. 11)

1928 3.1175 (May 30) Senators battle over Boulder Dam. Bruce spurs Johnson and Robinson to anger by his opposition tactics. Session becomes bedlam. Marylander charged deal to adjourn grew out of preferred position given to bill. (p. 3)

1928 3.1176 (July 9) Seeking new light on Boulder Dam. (p. 13) [Editorial.]

1928 3.1177 (July 31) 5 experts to report on Boulder Dam site. Federal board also will study Block [sic] Canyon location on Colorado River. (p. 8)

1928 3.796 (July 8) New map shows land below level of sea. Geological Survey issue chart of Salton Basin, 250 feet lower than ocean. (p. 4)

1929 3.797 (April 21) Salton Sea rises. (p. 152)

1929 3.1211 (July 29) Law-abiding town planned at Boulder Dam; government leases will bar bootleggers. (p. 1)

1929 3.1203 (January 1) Plans railroad to Boulder Dam. (p. 52)

1929 3.1204 (January 9) California ratifies dam pact. (p. 4)

1929 3.1205 (January 16) Arizona to fight Boulder Dam before the Supreme Court. (p. 1)

1929 3.1206 (January 16) [Utah governor recommends state take no immediate action on ratification of Colorado River Compact.] (p. 1)

1929 3.1207 (May 10) Against "Hoover Dam" plan. President opposes namng the Boulder project after him. (p. 22)

1929 3.1208 (June 24) Promises start on Boulder Dam. Wilbur assures people of Las Vegas, who face an unemployment problem. Workers swarm to city. Residents have had to provide for hundreds camped in tents and shacks in the desert. (p. 43)

1929 3.1209 (June 26) Hoover proclaims Boulder Dam pact. President makes the project effective on ratification of six of the seven states. Hopes Arizona will enter. Then, he explains, the question of Colorado River water rights will be settled. (p. 19) [Includes text of proclamation.]

1929 3.1213 (August 4) Mexico to demand full water share. Will insist on equality basis at conference on Boulder Dam distribution. (p. 19)

1929 3.1214 (August 18) Boulder Dam lands. Warning against the high prices asked for useless tracts. (Real Estate section, p. 15)

1929 3.1215 (September 24) Higher Boulder Dam is now proposed. Secretary Wilbur orders study of project for 25-foot rise to add power and safety. (p. 3)

1929 3.1216 (October 3) Seek Boulder Dam power. Western companies and states will take all generated. (p. 55)

1929 3.1217 (October 27) Boulder Dam. (p. E4) [Editorial.]

1929 3.1218 (November 6) Arizona and the Colorado. (p. 24) [Editorial.]

1929 3.1219 (December 27) States will confer on Boulder Dam. (p. 48)

1929 3.92 (February 22) Two lost in canyon. National park employees' boat hits rocks in Colorado rapids. (p. 28) [Fred Johnson and Glen Sturdevant.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1929 3.93 (February 25) The Colorado takes toll again. [Editorial.] (p. 22) [Fred Johnson and Glen Sturdevant.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1929 3.94 (June 16) Grand Canyon bridge dedicated by throng. Conflicting storms send thousands scurrying at climax of Colorado ceremony. (p. 24) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1929 3.96 (June 29) Bridging the untamed Colorado. [Editorial.] (p. 16) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1929 3.545 (January 27) A new chapter in the Colorado's story. Its ages of romance and mystery pass into a dawning era of toil for civilization. (New York Times Magazine, pp. 14-15, 20)

1929 3.550 (June 29) Air-rail riders reach Los Angeles. Party of ten that left here Wednesday night arrive in time for dinner. In flight for 2,000 miles. Guests of Transcontinental Air Transport, ahead of schedule, look down on Grand Canyon. (p. 2)

1929 3.551 (June 29) Two Army fliers die in collision of planes. Lieut. W. G. Plummer and cadet killed in fall at Riverside, Cal.--Other craft escapes. (p. 2) [Plummer is noted to have been one of the pilots who looked for the missing Hydes on the Colorado River, and who sighted the Hydes' scow.]

1929 3.548 (May 29) Miss Stinnes here on world auto trip. Daughter of German financier tells of long journeys over trackless wastes. Traveled 27,000 miles. Dynamited path over the Urals--Has lost 28 pounds on tour--Hails industrial progress of America. (p. 12) [Clairenore Stinnes. Includes note of having visited Grand Canyon.]

1929 3.1664 (October 7) Says Boulder Dam is vital to Mexico. Interior Department points out that Colorado River waters large areas there. Joint commission called. It will consider develoopment of the Rio Grande and Tijuana Rivers as well. (p. 17)

1929 3.1665 (December 14) A pioneer in the panhandle. In: Topics of the Times. [Death of Col. Charles Goodnight in Arizona. Includes notice of his work with "Uncle Jim" Owens.]

1929 3.1843 (August 21) Confer in Mexico on river problem. International commissioners take up irrigation issue in three waterways. Sessions will be closed. Our chairman will announce results at end--Rio Grande, Tijuana and Colorado involved. (p. 9)

1930 3.1845 (February 26) Two quakes in California. Buildings sway in Imperial Valley and nearby Mexican city. (p. 12)

1930 3.1846 (February 27) Forty tremors in 18 hours felt in the Imperial Valley. (p. 1)

1930 3.1847 (March 2) 22 earth shocks rock Brawley, Cal[.] People of Imperial Valley city take to streets amid succession of tremors. Many buildings damaged. Woman injured by collapse of a wall--Minor fires start in the wreckage. (Section 1, pp. 1, 2)

1930 3.1848 (March 3) Quivers continue in Imperial Valley. Theatres and all but two hotels closed in Brawley, Cal.--Legionaires on guard. Seven seized for looting. Campfires glow in streets thorughout night for the shelterless, but traffic is again normal. (p. 23)

1930 3.1849 (March 18) Hail falls in California desert where 110 is rule in summer. (p. 1) [Hail accumulated four inches deep near Holtville, California.]

1930 3.1850 (April 23) $1,012,000 debt is paid. Government check to S. P. R. R. ends 21-year-old claim. (p. 45) [Southern Pacific Railroad; Imperial Valley work.]

1930 3.1851 (August 10) Boulder Dam laborers. (Section 3, p. 5)

1930 3.552 (April 27) Much of nation unmapped. Wide areas of the United States still uninhabited. (p. 192)

1930 3.553 (June 8) Princeton plans wide geology tour. Five international scientists and 16 students to go 11,000 miles in this country. (p. 31)

1930 3.554 (August 31) Dr. Field reviews geologists' tour. Princeton's International School traveled 15,000 miles during this summer. Studied delta drainage. Most trying experience was night in Grand Canyon with temperature above 100 degrees. (p. N1) [Richard M. Field, director of International School of Geology, Princeton University.]

1930 3.556 (November 16) Invitations from here fluster Frau Einstein; says she won't let savant land in New York. (p. 1) [Including note of Albert Einstein plan to visit Grand Canyon in February.]

1930 3.1220 (January 4) Wilbur will speed Boulder Dam work. Will sign contracts for sale of power regardless of state governors' action. (p. 3)

1930 3.1221 (January 10) Harrison teases Smoot over dam. Evokes Senate chuckles by urging "Hoover-Johnson" as name instead of "Boulder." (p. 26)

1930 3.1222 (January 29) Wilbur assailed on Boulder Dam. Norris tells Senate that the secretary would allocate all power to corporations. (p. 32)

1930 3.1224 (February 27) Navigate Colorado River. A. W. North takes wife and daughter through treacherous waters. (p. 48) [A. W. North, daughter Mary, aged 10, and civil engineer George Brayman; from above Boulder Dam site to Parker, Arizona. N.B.: Mary Remsen North also authored Down the Colorado, by a Lone Girl Scout (New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1930); see no. 6.172 in this bibliography.]

1930 3.1229 (June 22) Boulder Dam fund is retained. (p. 15)

1930 3.1230 (June 24) Fight $10,660,000 for Boulder Dam. Arizona senators continue opposition to bill carrying appropriation for work. (p. 5)

1930 3.1231 (June 27) Lose fight on Boulder Dam. (p. 7)

1930 3.1232 (July 8) Work is started at Boulder Dam. Telegraph flashes order from Washington setting waiting men at their tasks. Wilbur hails a new era. Conquest of desert, new mining activities, industrial growth in three states are cited. Dam will be the largest. To dwarf Elephant Butte--Railway, road and town will be built first. (p. 3)

1930 3.1233 (July 12) Bars canyon plants. Federal board rejects projects as conflicting with Boulder Dam. (p. 26)

1930 3.1235 (July 14) Boulder Dam jobs filled. Wilbur warns unemployed it will be months before forces increase. (p. 4)

1930 3.1236 (July 27) Arizona is annoyed at Boulder Dam case. Feels California got more than her share in allotment of water and power. (p. 49)

1930 3.1237 (July 27) Hits Boulder payments. Arizona charges dam disbursements are illegal. (p. 17)

1930 3.1238 (August 17) Need 14 engineers at Boulder Dam. (p. 40)

1930 3.1239 (September 18) Wilbur renames Boulder Dam for Hoover and starts work on $165,000,000 project. (p. 1)

1930 3.1240 (October 15) Hoover to speed dam. President says Arizona suit will not hold up construction. (p. 26)

1930 3.1242 (November 27) Holds alien ban legal in Boulder Dam labor. McCarl says contract favoring ex-service men would comply with 1928 law. (p. 28)

1930 3.1243 (September 17) To begin Boulder Dam line. Merritt-Chapman gets contract for 22-mile railroad in Nevada. (p. 11)

1930 3.1244 (December 21) Biggest of dams. (p. 47) [Editorial.]

1930 3.1226 (April 10) Progress on the Colorado. (p. 23) [Editorial.]

1930 3.1227 (April 28) Sign for Boulder Dam. Three Los Angeles lessees contract for 64 per cent of power. (p. 42)

1931 3.1252 (August 19) Labor asks fair pay on Boulder Dam job. A. F. of L. council forwards protest from Nevada workers to Doak, urging him to act. Wage cutting is charged. Contractors on federal project accused of going far below prevailing rates. Wide unrest described. Fear is voiced that reductions will spread if sanctioned on government work. (p. 23)

1931 3.1253 (August 22) Seeks to relieve Hoover Dam labor. Doak acts on complaint of Las Vegas body forwarded to him by Green. Offers conciliator's aid. Federal Employment Service also takes up chrge that wages debar "decent living." (p. 4)

1931 3.1254 (August 22) [Imperial Irrigation District of California ready to negotiate government contract for All-American Canal.] (p. 4)

1931 3.1245 (January 10) Hoover Dam in Black Canyon displaces name of "Boulder". (p. 34)

1931 3.1246 (March 12) Hoover Dam job let at $48,890,999. Wilbur accepts the Six Companies' offer for construction of Boulder Canyon project. (p. 5)

1931 3.1247 (March 13) Begins 6-year work at the Hoover Dam. Chief engineer sets men to building camps--Plans to start the railroad soon. Full activity by July. Force will reach 2,400 as soon as power is available to begin huge structure itself. (p. 16)

1931 3.1248 (March 14) A big dam out West. (p. 18) [Editorial.]

1931 3.1249 (March 21) First Boulder Dam financing to consist of $2,000,000 bonds. (p. 28)

1931 3.1010 (January 4) Books in brief review. (Book Reviews, p. 10) [Includes review of Hoffman Birney's Roads To Roam.]

1931 3.702 (January 24) Questioning Meteor Butte. In: Topics of the Times. (p. 13) [Includes reference to Frederick S. Dellenbaugh and Powell Expedition.]

1931 3.557 (March 2) Einstein is "Great Relative," Hopis decide on his theory. (p. 5) [At Grand Canyon, Hopi inquiry into the "business" of Albert Einstein is told of the theory of relativity.]

1931 3.558 (April 12) Will visit Grand Canyon. Japanese couple's itinerary also includes trip to Yosemite. (p. 16) [Prince Takamutsu, brother of Emperor Hirohito, and Princess Kikuko.]

1931 3.559 (April 13) Our Japanese visitors. (p. 18) [Editorial. Prince Takamutsu, brother of Emperor Hirohito, and Princess Kikuko.]

1931 3.560 (May 17) Celebrities in fancy dress. Here as abroad costumes are often used to further a cause or cater to love of pomp. (p. 87) [Includes note of Albert Einstein's visit to Grand Canyon.]

1931 3.562 (July 26) Princeton geologists start tour tomorrow. 22 undergraduates will study natural resources in West and in Canada. (p. N6)

1931 3.563 (November 7) Envoy gives Hindenburg book of views of American parks. (p. 22) [Includes quotation of German President von Hindenburg, mentioning desire to visit Grand Canyon.]

1931 3.564 (November 23) Chicago hails Grofe suite. Whiteman presents premiere of "Grand Canyon Suite." (p. 25) [World premier of Ferde Grofé's "Grand Canyon Suite" by Paul Whiteman and his orchestra.]

1931 3.1853 (January 8) Mexicans angry over Ashurst plan. Official and press condemnation of the project for buying Lower California grows. "Imperialism," one charge. La Prensa urges steps to "protect" the nation--"Exchange" for Texas is suggested. (p. 14)

1931 3.1854 (May 24) Arizona loses. (Section 3, p. 1) [Editorial.] [Colorado River Compact.]

1931 3.1667 (June 20) Tells of Nevada man of 20,000 years ago. Scientist found his darts and bones of sloths near Hoover Dam. Torches used in cavern. Remains of extinct horses and camels were also revealed in Gypsum Cave. Entered Alaska from Asia. Geologist holds before scientists at Pasadena that Bering Strait was bridge. [M. R. Harrington.]

1931 3.1485 (July 4) [Beginning of Colorado River diversion work at Hoover Dam.]

1931 3.1478 (March 5) Western group bids low on Hoover Dam. Six Companies' figure of $48,890,995 for general contract is recommended to Wilbur. Total cost $165,000,000. First task, which starts at once, will be to divert the Colorado River.

1931 3.1480 (May 19) Hoover Dam upheld by Supreme Court. Arizona loses in suit to halt project, but retains right to use state's waters. (p. 52)

1931 3.1481 (May 19) Arizona to continue its fight. (p. 52) [Against Hoover Dam.]

1931 3.1482 (May 19) Fifty dry agents "clean up" Hoover Dam gateway town. [Prohibition agents (Boulder City).]

1931 3.1483 (March 25) $48,890,995 contract signed in hospital for Hoover Dam.

1931 3.1484 (July 4) Medical tests ordered for Hoover Dam men; many, long idle, unable to stand canyon heat.

1931 3.1486 (July 13) Retorts to critic on Hoover Dam plan. Assistant engineer declares safety of project is vouched for by geologists. Drainage also tested. He says Service is ready to spend $5,000,000 more to make dam safe if needed.

1931 3.1487 (July 23) Ask plane curb at Hoover Dam.

1931 3.1488 (August 9) Strike of 150 halts work on Hoover Dam; federal officer will call troops if needed.

1931 3.1489 (August 9) [Imminent court case regarding federal or state control over Boulder City, Nevada.]

1931 3.1490 (August 10) 1,400 strikers lose Hoover Dam jobs. Head of work rejects demands and orders them to go--700 others and staff kept. Now ahead of schedule. Crowe says yielding on wages would cost $3,000,000 in the 7 years--No violence as yet.

1931 3.1491 (August 10) Improving sanitary conditions. [Hoover Dam project.]

1931 3.1492 (August 13) Ordered from Hoover Dam. Striking workers, facing hunger, move camp into desert.

1932 3.1493 (April 3) Explorer wins Burroughs Medal for book on Colorado Canyon trip. F. S. Dellenbaugh gets award on anniversary of the naturalist's birth for best volume of year in field--Day is celebrated by Scouts as part of Conservation Week.

1932 3.1495 (May 22) Flow rises rapidly at Hoover Dam. [Colorado River.]

1932 3.1496 (May 30) Harvard to study prostration by heat in Hoover Dam work.

1932 3.1497 (July 10) Gets award for pipe for the Hoover Dam. Babcock & Wilcox Company will set up plant in desert to fill $10,908,000 contract.

1932 3.1498 (August 21) Charges "scrip" pay to Hoover Dam men. Senator Oddie alleges that the workers are forced to trade at company's store. Denied in Interior bureau. Acting Secretary Dixon, replying to wire, says Nevadan has been "seriously misinformed."

1932 3.1855 (January 26) Cold damages fruit in southern California; mercury drops to 21.5 in Imperial Valley. (p. 1)

1932 3.1856 (May 22) Desert milk weed producer of rubber. Government expert in California estimates an acre would yield 125 pounds. Tests made since war. Experiments part of search by Department of Agriculture for new sources of supply. (Section 2, p. 16) [Includes Imperial Valley.]

1932 3.1857 (June 4) "Yuma, Ariz., June 3 (AP).--The swollen Colorado River strained at levees protecting the rich Imperial Valley today. Hundreds of freight cars loaded with rocks and crews of men were held in readiness for an emergency." (p. 3) (entire item)

1932 3.1858 (October 10) Quake rocks 2 towns on coast during storm. Residents of Brawley and El Centro, Cal., rush out into downpour--Train derailed. (p. 16)

1932 3.1859 (October 11) [Imperial Valley floods from rain. Southern Pacific Railroad trains held at Niland.] (p. 23)

1932 3.1860 (October 11) Five states in West blanketed by snow. Low temperature and snowfall in South Dakota set new early records. Imperial Valley flooded. Gales on Lakes Erie and Huron and hurricane in the Gulf cause storm warnings. (p. 23)

1932 3.1862 (December 14) Imperial Valley has its first snow. Roads in coast states are blocked and passes filled as weather moderates. Floods menace Rome, Ca. One hundred and fifty persons are rescued by boats from rising waters. (p. 3) [One inch, "the first snow there on record."]

1932 3.565 (January 3) Princeton outlines geological survey. 10,000-mile transcontinental tour of inspection of soil to start next summer. (p. N8)

1932 3.567 (February 7) Plaque to honor Stephen T. Mather. Unveiling ceremony will be held in Mount Rainier National Park on July 4. Other sites being chosen. Series of tributes will be placed in honor of founder of National Park Sytem. (p. N2) [Includes note of plaque to be placed at Yavapai Point, and possibly also on the North Rim.]

1932 3.568 (April 16) Dr. F. E. Miller dies; throat specialist. Physician, 73, had made a deep study of the scientific phases of vocal art. Wrote books for singers. Inventor of electric system of tone production succumbs after ten days' illness. (p. 15) [Frank Ebenezer Miller. Includes note that he wrote "The Goal", dealing with the fall of Lucifer, for which he gained inspiration at the Grand Canyon.]

1932 3.569 (July 5) The Mather memorials. (p. 14) [Editorial.]

1932 3.570 (September 2) Canyon hotel destroyed. Union Pacific lodge is burned with loss of $1,000,000. (p. 30) [Grand Canyon Lodge.]

1932 3.703 (August 28) Nature's schools. (p. E1) [Editorial.]

1932 3.799 (April 3) New canal for desert to water great area. Project recently approved in connection with the Hoover Dam will give relief to Imperial Valley. (p. XX 7) [All-American Canal.]

1932 3.1258 (November 14) River is diverted at Hoover Dam site. Water is turned from the Colorado's bed into hole in canyon wall to permit excavation. First step in huge task. Bore represents a year's toil and the dam construction will require three years more. (p. 12)

1932 3.1255 (February 11) Flood waters halt Hoover Dam work. Cloudburst speeds up Colorado River, sweeping bridge away and filling tunnels. (p. 24)

1933 3.1267 (August 8) A. P. Davis is dead; eminent engineer. Known as "father of Boulder Dam"--Served government for twenty-one years. Built big Soviet plant. Hydroelectric system in Russia his last large job--Expert on Panama Canal plan. (p. 17) [Arthur Powell Davis.]

1933 3.1259 (February 19) Big copper cable deals. Los Angeles Water District orders 3,000,000 pounds. (p. N13) [Colorado River Aquaduct.]

1933 3.1260 (May 11) Scrip barred at Boulder Dam. (p. 6)

1933 3.1261 (May 14) Name of "Boulder" restored to Hoover Dam by Ickes to end controversy in the West. (p. 31)

1933 3.1262 (June 12) Boulder Dam is shown. Other Trans-Lux scenes include Mrs. Roosevelt's trip to West. (p. 20) [Newsreel.]

1933 3.1263 (June 19) Boulder Dam will contain huge refrigerating system. (p. 1)

1933 3.1264 (July 11) Boulder Dam post goes to A. P. Davis. Ickes appoints him consulting engineer of the Bureau of Reclamation. (p. 8)

1933 3.1011 (July 2) Miscellaenous brief reviews. Indians in the Southwest. (Book Reviews, p. 9) [Includes review of Mrs. White Mountain Smith's Indian Tribes of the Southwest.]

1933 3.572 (January 1) Miscellaneous brief reviews of recent non-fiction. (Book Reviews, p. 10) [See "The Colorado River", review of Robert Brewster Stanton's Colorado River Controversies (edited by James M. Chalfant).]

1933 3.573 (May 5) Age of earth put at 2,000 million. Dr. Merriam says new data may add eons to period of planet's existence. Cites the Grand Canyon. Time has already destroyed some of its vital evidence, he says in lecture here. (p. 34) [John C. Merriam.]

1933 3.574 (May 7) This hoary earth. (p. E4) [Editorial.]

1933 3.575 (June 11) Ellsworth in trim for rigors of trip. Daily schedule of wrestling keeps him fit for flight across the Antarctic. Plans a ship gymnasium. Explorer also intends to command his vessel on voyage South--50 books in library. (p. 26) [Lincoln Ellsworth. Includes comment about hiking Grand Canyon trails.]

1933 3.576 (July 9) Latest works of fiction. (Book Reviews, p. 13) [See "Western Gold", a review of George B. Rodney's The Canyon Trail.]

1933 3.1863 (February 4) Fortunate California. (p. 14) [Editorial.] [Regarding Colorado River, Hoover Dam, and Imperial Valley.]

1933 3.1501 (April 9) Hoover Dam job again advanced.

1933 3.1502 (May 14) X-rays at Hoover Dam. They will be issued to test the joints of great penstocks. (Science and Radio Section.)

1933 3.1268 (August 29) W. A. Bechtel dies in Moscow hotel. The head of six contracting companies building the Boulder Dam was 61. Entered railroad construction with team of mules and branched into roadbuilding. (p. 17)

1934 3.1867 (July 28) Rivers of nation reach record July low. Mississippi at St. Louis under "zero" stage. (Social News Section, p. 6)

1934 3.1669 (August 10) Expedition conquers the Colorado River. Four boats of the Eddy party were capsized frequently on their perilous trip. [Clyde Eddy and Russell G. Frazier.]

1934 3.579 (June 18) Grand Canyon scene will mark "park" stamp. (p. 8)

1934 3.580 (July 14) Off for canyon today. (p. 14) [Clyde Eddy.]

1934 3.581 (July 18) To tour Grand Canyon. Party headed by Clyde Eddy plan trip by boat. (p. 21)

1934 3.582 (July 22) By boat through Grand Canyon. Clyde Eddy leads group through 250 treacherous rapids. (p. 23)

1934 3.583 (July 27) Eddy and Dr. Frazier run Colorado rapids. Explorers complete first leg of hazardous journey to Boulder Dam. (p. 19) [Clyde Eddy and Russell G. Frazier.]

1934 3.584 (August 19) Rapids explorer ends third trip. Clyde Eddy, back from latest Grand Canyon experience, to write new book. Is anxious to return. But would not use a boat, as he prefers land route to study cliff dwellings. (pp. N1-2)

1934 3.585 (August 28) Prince of Japan says no. Arizona woman asks if he knows sister's houseboy in New York. (p. 12) [Prince Kaya at Grand Canyon.]

1934 3.98 (February 18) Park's visitors increase. Trend is taken to indicate returning prosperity. (Section 10-11, p. 12) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1934 3.1269 (January 2) Work on Boulder Dam gates. (p. 35)

1934 3.1271 (March 4) Dam ahead of schedule. Boulder project to be finished early in 1936. (p. E6)

1934 3.1272 (May 13) The government proceeds with its construction work. (p. E7)

1934 3.1273 (May 27) Honor for engineer. Wyoming to recognize Dr. Mead's work in reclamation. (p. XX 5) [Elwood Mead.]

1934 3.1274 (June 10) Fisherman's paradise is to be created in the waters of vast Boulder Dam zone. (p. N2)

1934 3.1275 (November 18) Arizona again fights the Colorado project. The state's effort to halt work on Parker Dam recalls its attitude toward water diversion. (p. XX 9)

1935 3.1270 (March 3) Will go on dam inquiry. PWA investigator to examine Boulder City fraud charges. (p. 15) [Public Works Administration.]

1935 3.1277 (February 2) First water runs into Boulder Dam. Colorado River harnessed as engineers close tunnels that diverted stream. Will form 115-mile lake. Project is eventually expected to develope 1,850,000 horsepower of electricity. (p. 15)

1935 3.1278 (February 22) Last concrete poured into main Boulder Dam. (p. 44)

1935 3.704 (September 1) "Mountains in Their Might". In: Queries and Answers. (Book Reviews, p. 19) [Reference to Charles A. Higgins quotation, "Dreams of mountains, as in their sleep . . .", at El Tovar.]

1935 3.99 (May 5) A catalogue of ruins. (Section 9, p. 17) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1935 3.586 (January 30) F. S. Dellenbaugh, explorer, is dead. A founder of noted club here, was active as author and artist at 81. Pioneer of Southwest. Took part in Major Powell's trip through Grand Canyon--Last work on Indian opera. (p. 19)

1935 3.587 (January 31) Frederick S. Dellenbaugh. (p. 18) [Editorial.]

1935 3.588 (February 24) Two airlines start scenic flights; Boulder Dam, Grand Canyon on routes. (p. X 19) [United Airlines and TWA.]

1935 3.591 (April 19) La Guardia peers over canyon rim. Mayor orders mule for 7-mile ride down the Bright Angel Trail to Colorado River. (p. 3) [Fiorello H. La Guardia.]

1935 3.592 (April 20) La Guardias arrive at home of Navajos. Mayor visits Painted Desert on way to reception planned at Presscott, Ariz. (p. 11) [Story filed from Grand Canyon.]

1935 3.593 (April 21) Old Arizona home acclaims mayor. All of Prescott out to welcome La Guardia back for visit after 37 years. He revels in old scenes. Exchanges reminiscences with school friends and recalls days as columnist. (p. N4) [Includes photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Fiorello La Guardia with several Hopi said to have come to greet them at "the National Reservation", but photo is at Grand Canyon.]

1935 3.594 (April 22) Observance at Grand Canyon. (p. 11) [First Easter sunrise service at Grand Canyon.]

1935 3.595 (May 1) Robot plane sets mark from coast. "Mystery" craft here from Los Angeles in 11 hours 5 minutes, record for transports. Pilot seldom in charge. Takes control only for three short periods during the 2,400-mile flight. (pp. 1, 3) [TWA. Includes note that pilot D. W. Tomlinson flew through part of Grand Canyon to avoid a storm.]

1935 3.599 (August 5) Planes to Grand Canyon. Service starts as Indian dance brings rain in Arizona. (p. 18) [TWA.]

1935 3.1670 (February 1) Boulder Dam gate to be dropped today. Engineers will turn Colorado into huge lake, completing taming of the river. (p. 8)

1935 3.1671 (October 6) Mormons to recall entry into Arizona in perilous trek of '73 over the Colorado. (p. N10) [Convocation at Lees Ferry planned for October 11-13.]

1935 3.1746 (September 29) [President Roosevelt will dedicate the world's greatest dam.] (p. 27)

1935 3.1749 (October 1) Roosevelt at Boulder Dam. (p. 23) [Editorial.]

1935 3.1750 (October 2) Roosevelt at San Diego. (p. 3) [Accompanied by photo, "The President Inspects Boulder Dam."]

1935 3.1751 (October 2) Some capitalist dams. In: Topics of The Times. (p. 23) [Includes Boulder Dam.]

1935 3.1753 (December 7) Likes Boulder Dam. In: Topics of The Times. (p. 16) [Bruce Bliven in The New Republic.]

1935 3.1754 (December 7) Old style dam. In: Topics of The Times. (p. 16)

1935 3.1755 (December 22) Giant aqueduct is going forward. Southern California's new water system is nation's greatest public work. Desert and hills crossed. (Section 4, p. 7) [Colorado River Aqueduct.]

1935 3.1280 (March 10) The biggest lake ever created by man. (Rotograveur Photos, p. 2)

1935 3.1281 (April 7) Boulder Dam. (Rotograveur Photos)

1935 3.1282 (June 29) Boulder Dam work is told to engineers. Delegate to convention at Cornell explains transmission system to carry current. (p. 4)

1935 3.1284 (July 14) Strike halts all work on Boulder Dam as truck drivers join walkout over hours. (p. 19)

1935 3.1285 (July 15) Boulder Dam drivers refuse to join strike. Total of idle men reaches 400 but all work on project may not be halted. (p. 2)

1935 3.1286 (July 22) Boulder Dam reservoir now largest made lake. (p. 1)

1935 3.1288 (September 1) The world's largest dam. Photographed by the world's largest camera. (Rotograveur Photos, p. 2) [Fairchild Aerial Surveys, aerial photo of Lake Mead from 20,000 feet.]

1935 3.1289 (September 8) Boulder Dam stamp is likely. (p. 9)

1935 3.1290 (September 17) New stamp will mark Boulder Dam completion. (p. 2)

1935 3.1291 (September 27) President starts Far West journey; to speak 4 times. (pp. 1, 17)

1935 3.1297 (December 15) A new scenic wonderland opened up in the West. (Rotograveur Photos, p. 10)

1935 3.1294 (October 31) Roosevelt profile is seen on stamp. Philatelists say they find features of president on issue showing Boulder Dam. (p. 14)

1935 3.1295 (November 2) See things on dam stamp. Philatelists report Liberty Bell, September Morn and "U. S." (p. 17)

1936 3.1302 (March 1) "It's yours," says one engineer to another, and thus government gets Boulder Dam. (p. 3)

1936 3.1303 (April 10) Ickes sees collusion in 20 bids on cable. Offers also "identical" on cement for western dams, he reports. (p. 9)

1936 3.1305 (July 19) Dam's effect studied in a miniature river. Clearing of water speeds up scouring of sand bed below. (p. E10)

1936 3.1306 (August 13) Will open Boulder Dam. Roosevelt to start power plant while addressing conference. (p. 25)

1936 3.1307 (August 19) Boulder Dam lake cools air for over 100 miles. (p. 9)

1936 3.1308 (August 23) "Wild West" town near Boulder Dam. (p. XX 10)

1936 3.1309 (September 12) Roosevelt calls for abundant life in this power age. "We must do some things in different ways," he tells world power parley. For income distribution. "Vicious circle" holding sales of electricity down and costs up "must be broken." Sets Boulder Dam going. Presses golden key on rostrum, starting first generator and opening gate valves. (pp. 1, 3)

1936 3.1310 (September 12) Giant Boulder Dam begins operation. President starts first flow of current by pressing key in capital. Thousands watch scene. Double waterfall, 13 feet higher than Niagara, pours from walls of canyons. (p. 3)

1936 3.1312 (September 20) Lake site yields old relics. (p. XX 8) [Moapa Valley.]

1936 3.1313 (October 4) Boulder Dam set to turn on power. World's largest plant will start electric service for Los Angeles on Wednesday. Current to go 266 miles. 115,000-volt generator which will send it is one of 15 to be installed. (p. 30)

1936 3.1314 (October 10) Los Angeles illuminated by Boulder Dam; 7,200,000,000 candle power is released. (p. 5)

1936 3.1315 (November 29) $165,000,000 spectacle: Boulder Dam attracts sight-seeing thousands. (Rotograveur Photos, p. 2)

1936 3.1298 (January 28) Tribute paid Mead by the President. Condolences sent to widow of the U.S. Commissioner of Reclamation. He is eulogized by Ickes. Secretary sees Boulder Dam as one of many monuments of services to nation. (p. 20) [Elwood Mead.]

1936 3.1299 (February 14) To accept Boulder Dam March 1, 2 years ahead. (p. 12)

1936 3.1300 (February 17) Government to take Boulder Dam March 1. Contractors have finished job two years ahead of schedule--Will get $51,950,000. (p. 2)

1936 3.1505 (December 10) To revive buffalo hunt. [House Rock Valley.]

1936 3.1756 (January 2) Electric economy broadened in year. Larger and more power ful units produce savings for consumers. (p. 50) [Includes "The Boulder Dam Project".]

1936 3.1757 (June 26) 16,500 farmers aid fight on erosion. With properties within demonstration areas, they help government without pay. 22,000 others volunteer. Conservation chief tells of plans to educate country--Seeks to guard Boulder Dam zone. (p. 3)

1936 3.1758 (September 13) The power age. In: The Nation. (Section 4, p. 1) [Refers to Boulder Dam.]

1936 3.1761 (October 28) Will illuminate Boulder Dam. (p. 30)

1936 3.1763 (December 8) Many visit new dams. Federal projects in the Far West attract a host of tourists. (Section 11, p. 8)

1936 3.601 (January 26) Artist, 92, revives his era on canvas. Government keeps him busy in hotel studio here painting famous scenes of past. (p. N4) [William Henry Jackson.]

1936 3.602 (March 7) Shaw sees Grand Canyon; reminds him of religion. (p. 11) [George Bernard Shaw.]

1936 3.603 (April 13) A. F. Bemis is dead; housing expert, 65. Injuries suffered at Grand Canyon fatal to former Boston bank director. [Three-story fall from hotel room obviously at El Tovar.]

1936 3.640 (August 2) Three new monuments. The Park Service acts to preserve great western areas. (p. XX 10) [Plans for canyonlands protected areas. The canyonlands of Utah are refered to as "the Grand Canyons of the Colorado".]

1936 3.640 (August 2) Three new monuments. The Park Service acts to preserve great western areas. (p. XX 10) [Plans for canyonlands protected areas. The canyonlands of Utah are refered to as "the Grand Canyons of the Colorado".]

1936 3.100 (February 23) Grand Canyon Lodge. Structure on northern rim of the canyon now being built. In: Notes for the Traveler. (Section 11, p. 5) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1936 3.101 (September 13) Air view of the Grand Canyon. (Section 11, p. 7) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1936 3.102 (November 15) Projects speeded at Grand Canyon. (Section 12, p. 10) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.103 (May 2) Map trip to study "living evolution". American Museum scientists plan expedition to tops of Grand Canyon mesas. Mammals long isolated. Contrasting species held clue to theory -- plateaus have been cut off since glacial age. (Section 2, p. 2) [Shiva Temple.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.104 (September 14) "Island in the sky" defies explorers. Plane of Anthony party seeking to scale Shiva's Temple in Grand Canyon can't land. (p. 25) >>Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.105 (September 16) Scientists start sky island climb. Group goes over rim of Grand Canyon on way to prehistoric Shiva Temple. Area covers 300 acres. Party hopes to study animal and plant life left behind by the ice age. (p. 27) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.106 (September 17) Scientists reach top of sky island. Climber reports evidence of animal life on plateau isolated since Ice Age. But no water is found. Two of party remain on Grand Canyon's Shiva Temple for studies--Set traps. (p. 27) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.107 (September 18) Island in the sky. [Editorial.] (p. 18) [Shiva Temple.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.108 (September 18) Sky island yields left-eared mice. Grand Canyon naturalist brings tiny rodents from isolated plateau for study. Arrow chips also found. Indicate an early people there--Dr. Anthony, still on mesa, gets supplies by plane. (p. 21) [Shiva Temple.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.109 (September 19) Pair on sky island ask ammunition. Grand Canyon superintendent believes Dr. Anthony has found "sizable animals". Scientists lack water. Woman flier fails in attempts to land supply by parachute on isolated, arid mesa. (p. 44) [Shiva Temple.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.111 (September 20) Plane drops food to sky island pair. Dr. Anthony plans stay of a week or ten days to study animals on high plateau. Quest called a success. Expedition postpones ascent of Wotan's Throne till scientist quits Shiva Temple. (p. 25) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.112 (September 20) [Photograph] The island in the sky that has been reached by scientific expedition. (p. 25) [Shiva Temple.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.113 (September 21) "Shiva Daily Gazette" issued from "island". Scientists complain of mosquitos and ants -- trap animals, but not ones wanted. (p. 27) [Shiva Temple.] >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.114 (September 22) Shiva Temple yields wealth of specimens. Meanwhile, attempt to scale Wotan's Throne is mapped by Wood for tomorrow. (p. 28) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.115 (September 24) Nearly 100 animals caught on sky island. Dr. Anthony plans descent tomorrow -- party to climb Wotan's Throne today. (p. 23) >>Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.116 (September 25) Shiva Temple party on "Wotan's Throne". Signal fires show climbers reached unexplored plateau of Sky Forest. (p. 19) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.117 (September 26) Animals appear pale on sky island. Dr. Anthony prepares to descend from Shiva Temple with specimens after 9-day stay. New climb is opposed. W. A. Wood Jr. reports Wotan's Throne too dangerous for museum scientist to scale. (p. 41) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.118 (September 30) Dr. H. E. Anthony returns from Shiva Temple; plans study of 75 animals party trapped. (p. 18) >Mon. 8: 11-7<

1937 3.641 (January 7) Blizzards strike western states. Coldest weather of winter so far extends from Rockies into North Texas. (p. 23)

1937 3.642 (January 8) Record snowfall sweeps Arizona. Heaviest storm in 20 years covers wide area and grounds planes. 49 below at Meacham, Ore. Up-state New York and Pennsylvania are crippled for hours by icy weather. (p. 21)

1937 3.643 (February 14) 100 held captive by western snows. Crews work desperately to rescue storm victims and to locate 7 missing men. 32 facing food shortage. Occupants of a Grand Canyon camp fear another storm--Radio guides searchers. (p. 22)

1937 3.644 (February 16) Dust storms bury Southwest states. "Black blizzard" sweeps across parts of Colorado, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Vermont buried in snow. Arizona and Minnesota are digging their way out of huge drifts. (p. 25)

1937 3.645 (March 27) Thousands to attend national park rites. Easter sunrise services at many places are to be broadcast tomorrow. (p. 11)

1937 3.649 (August 27) Scientists to seek mountain secrets. Two museum expeditions next month--One to hunt blue sheep in British Columbia. Arizona peaks goal also. Second group to scale Kaibab Plateau in search of traces of prehistoric life. (p. 17) [Shiva Temple.]

1937 3.650 (September 5) New ruins sighted in Arizona mesas. College expedition reports traces of old civilization along Utah border. (p. 25) [Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition. Also note of the forthcoming Shiva Temple expedition.]

1937 3.651 (September 26) [Photograph atop Shiva Temple.] (p. 167)

1937 3.652 (September 26) Topics of the Times. (p. 70) [Shiva Temple.]

1937 3.654 (November 28) Hope for secret's of earth's beginning. Scientists bring back from trip down the Colorado specimens of oldest rocks. (p. 27) [Carnegie Institution of Washington-CalTech expedition.]

1937 3.1673 (January 6) Sub-zero weather hits nine states. Minnesotans have 37 below--Michigan and Ohio due to feel the effects today. Arizona camp marooned. Snowplow breaks down on way to rescue CCC youths, with new falls predicted. [Includes separate item, "Anxious Over CCC Camp", report from Kingman, Arizona, regarding a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the Hualapai Mountains. Also notes among others cut off were 25 members of "a surveying party in the House Rock Valley".]

1937 3.1317 (July 11) New recreation spot in Boulder Dam area. Big artificial lake offers unusual facilities for many aquatic sports, reports bulletin. (p. 32)

1938 3.1506 (July 5) Rio Grande balks two adventurers. Denver man drowned in boat upset, companion walks out of New Mexico badlands. Colorado canyon expedition believed safe, but river watched at Lee's Ferry, Arizona. [Includes separate item, "Colorado Scanned for Party". Regarding Nevills expedition. Item includes photo of part of party; Norman Nevills, Elzada Clover, Lois Jotter, Eugene Atkinson.]

1938 3.1507 (July 8) Canyon explorers sighted by fliers. Airmen report Nevills party 20 miles above Lee's Ferry, Ariz.

1938 3.1675 (July 4) Anxious over fate of canyon expedition. Arizona outpost fears for six who braved Colorado River. [Nevills expedition. Watch at Lees Ferry, Arizona.]

1938 3.1676 (July 10) Nevills delays trip as two leave party. Colorado River expedition is to continue this week. [Includes photo, "The Nevills Expedition After Conquering the Colorado River"; with Eugene Atkinson, "Alazada" Clover [Elzada Clover], Don Harris, Norman D. Nevills, Lois Jotter, W. C. Gibson.]

1938 3.1677 (September 27) Hoover Dam lake opens gold area. Ore barges now able to tap Gregg Basin District, formerly isolated. Ore called high grade. 187,000 tons of $6 value reported as opened, 40,000 at $10 developed. (p. 23) [Lake Mead.]

1938 3.1678 (December 13) Inland air base for navy. Mead Lake [sic] at Boulder Dam considered as possible site. (p. 51) [Stated as "Lake Mead" in article. Seaplane base.]

1938 3.655 (May 25) French scientist arrives. (p. 4) [Pierre le Comte du Nouy, who indicated he "would work in a house on the rim of the Grand Canyon" for its beauty and quietness.]

1938 3.656 (May 31) T.W.A. plane route changed. (p. 19) [Sky Chief to fly over Grand Canyon and Boulder Dam.]

1938 3.657 (July 9) Nevills conquers Colorado River. Man rescued, lost boat and food rationing mark 18-day fight with rapids. (pp. 1, 5) [Norman D Nevills, Don Harris, W. C. Gibson, Elzada Clover, Lois Jotter.]

1938 3.659 (July 18) Nevills party safe on 2d lap. (p. 9)

1938 3.660 (December 11) New Grand Canyon area tour. (p. 211)

1939 3.661 (May 12) Olav bars privacy to join tour. (p. 17) [Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha of Norway at Grand Canyon.]

1939 3.662 (May 21) [Photograph] Norwegian royalty on the rim of the Grand Canyon. In: Headliners. (Reviews, p. 8)

1939 3.663 (July 29) Train wreck injures 57 near Grand Canyon. No one is seriously hurt in derailment in deep cut. (p. 3) [Grand Canyon Railway.]

1939 3.664 (October 24) Zane Grey, 64, dies suddenly on coast. Wrote more than 50 novels, most of them dealing with western adventure. 17,000,000 copies sold. Noted for his catches of game fish--Once a dentist, won fame after hardships. (p. 29)

1939 3.665 (November 19) For amateur photographers. Southwest in pictures. It is a fascinating land for the camera man in fall and winter. (p. XX 7)

1939 3.666 (December 25) Blind girl's dream fulfilled in play. Lillian Hillman gets a bit part in production--"Living on clouds," she says. Playwright picked her. Young actress takes her role so seriously she visited clinic to study it. (p. 20) [Includes recollection of experience at Grand Canyon.]

1939 3.1320 (June 19) Frank Luke Sr. Father of airman killed in the world war dies in Arizona. (p. 15) [Death at Grand Canyon, aged 80; father of Lt. Frank Luke.]

1940 3.1679 [Buffalo hunt planned in House Rock Valley.] In: Activities in Arizona and Utah. (Travel and Recreation section, p. 140)

1940 3.1680 (July 22) Figure Lake Mead's size. Officials find its capacity is even larger than supposed. (p. 30)

1940 3.668 (March 31) "Old Bob" of Grand Canyon dies. (p. 20) [Last of Grand Canyon's stagecoach horses, 36.]

1940 3.669 (May 12) Says dwarf horses roam hidden valley. Cattleman reports 90-pound animals in Grand Canyon. (p. 12)

1940 3.120 (January 21) Hearst sues over land for park. (p. 2) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1941 3.671 (January 2) Chas. F. Whittlesey, noted architect, 73. Expert in reinforced concrete built many edifices on coast. (p. 23) [Obituary. Whittlesey indicated as architect of El Tovar Hotel.]

1941 3.673 (June 1) Col. C. H. Birdseye, topographer, dies. Chief of the federal Geological Survey's Division of Engraving and Printing was explorer. Mapped Kilauea volcano. Led expedition through 300 miles of Colorado River--Officer overseas in war. (p. 41) [Claude Hale Birdseye.]

1941 3.1681 (August 24) "Boulder Dam is spilled!" (Magazine section) [Full-page photo, with legend, of Arizona spillway flowering over at Hoover Dam.]

1942 3.676 (September 23) Grand Canyon line halted. (p. 33)

1942 3.677 (October 23) Books published today. (p. 19) [Includes notice of the Doubleday, Doran edition of V. Sackville-West's novel, Grand Canyon.]

1942 3.679 (November 22) Dr. Schuchert dies; a paleontologist. Retired curator of geological collections at Yale was professor emeritus. Never attended college. He was one of world's leading collectors of prehitoric invertebrate remains. (p. 53) [Charles Schuchert. Includes notice as first discoverer of fossil footprints in Grand Canyon.]

1942 3.122 (June 7) "Thy woods and templed hills". (Section 7, pp. 20-21) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1942 3.123 (June 17) Distance hath charms. In: Topics of the Times. (p. 22) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1942 3.124 (July 5) Random notes for travelers. Service to the national parks continues in spite of the war--Notes. (Section 2, p. 9) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1943 3.680 (June 22) Dr. H. C. Bumpus, 81, zoologist, is dead. Former American Museum of Natural History director stricken in California. Was president of Tufts. Once professor at Brown, his alma mater--On science faculty at Columbia. (p. 19) [Includes notice of work on contstructing museum at Grand Canyon.]

1943 3.681 (November 5) Dr. Milton Fulle. Mining geologist obtained print casts of early land vertebrate. (p. 19) [Obituary. Includes notice of having collected plaster casts of fossil footprints at Grand Canyon in 1926.]

1944 3.682 (April 23) Miss Mackintosh engaged to wed. Daughter of late architect to become bride of Alexander G. Grant Jr. on May 28. Fiance a Harvard man. Grandson of Frederic Delano is known as explorer--Has served in Navy. (p. 37) [Includes note that Grant made trip on Colorado River through Grand Canyon in a folding kayak.]

1944 3.683 (May 29) Miss Mackintosh becomes a bride. Wed to Alexander Grant Jr., a grandson of Frederic Delano, in Church of Ascension. (p. 11) [Includes note that Grant made trip on Colorado River through Grand Canyon in a folding kayak.]

1944 3.684 (June 27) 3 fliers stranded in the Grand Canyon. Men who parachuted from bomber await rescue. (p. 21) [Army fliers.]

1944 3.685 (June 30) 3 fliers in canyon start long climb out. Ranger and teacher reach men and guide them toward top. (p. 23) [Army fliers had parachuted into canyon.]

1944 3.686 (July 1) Canyon climbers save 3 Army fliers. Two experts use route traced from plane to end 9-day perch on mile-deep ledge. (p. 16) [Fliers had parachuted into canyon.]

1945 3.687 (September 29) Dr. C. W. Gilmore, expert on fossils. Curator at National Museum since 1923 dies--Rebuilt skeletons of dinosaurs. (p. 15) [Charles W. Gilmore. Includes summary of Grand Canyon work.]

1945 3.688 (October 31) Dr. Merriam dead; paleontologist, 76. Former president of Carnegie Institution for 18 years held science boon to mankind. (p. 31) [John C. Merriam. Includes note on Grand Canyon.]

1946 3.691 (September 16) Falls into Grand Canyon. Woman designer grips ledge 50 feet down and is rescued. (p. 7) [De De Johnson.]

1946 3.1685 New lakes for America. Waterways at our great dams lure the vacationist and the sportsman. [Includes photo, "Fishing Lake Mead at the intake towers of Boulder Dam." Apparently between Arizona intake towers.]

1947 3.1510 (May 1) Hoover Dam bill signed by Truman. (p. 1) [Harry Truman signs bill changing name of Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam.]

1947 3.1511 (May 2) Hoover Dam. [Editorial.]

1947 3.1512 (September 19) Taft sees Hoover Dam. Senator goes to San Francisco for major address tonight. (p. 24) [Robert Taft.]

1947 3.1513 (October 11) Hoover Dam in GOP hands. County board transfers it to rule of Republican township. [Clark County, Nevada, Board of Commissioners transfers dam from Henderson Township to Nelson Township for the purposes of judicial proceedings.]

1947 3.693 (July 27) J. F. Stone Sr. dies; manufacturer, 92. Head of Seagrave Corp. was president of research group at Ohio State University. (p. 44) [Julius F. Stone, Sr.]

1947 3.131 (July 20) Grand Canyon's popularity grows. Motorists outnumber all other visitors during month of June. (Section 2, p. 11) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1947 3.132 (August 3) 13 end canyon trip. Party encounters 276 rapids during 1,500-mile journey. (p. 48) [Norman Nevills, Otis R. Marston, Garth Marston, Kent Frost.] >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1947 3.133 (August 31) Tourists go west, figures indicate. (Section 5, p. 7) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1948 3.694 (March 4) Dr. N. H. Darton, an oil geologist. Member of U. S. Survey for 37 years dies--Won several honors for findings. (p. 25)

1948 3.696 (June 25) Dr. F. E. Matthes, glacier expert, 74. Member of the U. S. Geological Survey for 51 years dies--Wrote of his findings. (p. 23) [François E. Matthes.]

1949 3.1090 (March 28) Combats impairing of national parks. Head of federal service hits plans for dams, cutting of trees and grazing. (p. 10) [Newton B. Drury opposition, including Bridge Canyon Dam and the Kaibab tunnel.]

1949 3.135 (January 2) Utah Parks expansion. Union Pacific subsidiary to increase facilities. (Section 2, p. 16) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1950 3.1870 (November 15) Cotton regulation eased. Mexico permits free export of Mexicali Valley crop. (p. 51)

1951 3.1515 (January 6) Generation of power starts at Davis Dam.

1951 3.705 (June 10) Navigating the western river gorges. By Jack Goodman. (p. XX 30)

1952 3.708 (November 27) Dr. Sven A. Hedin, explorer, 87, dies. Charter of central Asia areas found Brahmaputra, Indus sources, visited Tibet. (p. 31)

1952 3.801 (March 30) Coast's inland sea rises; mystery spreads havoc. (p. 4) [Salton Sea.]

1952 3.802 (November 20) Sabrejet sets a record; 699.9 m.p.h. average. (p. 46) [Salton Sea.]

1952 3.1519 (June 23) A flier in politics. (p. 12) [Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower at the controls of his chartered plane circling Grand Canyon. Later toured Hoover Dam.]

1952 3.1520 (June 23) General visits Hoover Dam. (p. 14) [Dwight D. Eisenhower.]

1952 3.1522 (October 14) A river in court. [Editorial. Colorado River.]

1953 3.1524 (March 24) New dam asked on Colorado. [Bridge Canyon Dam.]

1953 3.803 (September 29) Jet speeds 742.7 m.p.h. But flier fails to set mark because margin is too small. (p. 18) [Salton Sea.]

1953 3.804 (October 4) U.S. jet sets mark; flies 753.4 m.p.h. Navy hero recaptures world speed leadership--Bests week-old British record. (p. 72) [Salton Sea.]

1953 3.709 (February 13) Ralph H. Cameron, leader in Arizona. A former Senator, he backed statehood movement for the territory--Dies in capital. (p. 21)

1953 3.711 (May 31) Mystery 'chutes stay in canyon. (p. 39) [Parachutes found in Grand Canyon.]

1954 3.144 (September 11) Grand Canyon facilities grow. (p. 32) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1954 3.145 (November 28) Grand Canyon natural bridge. (p. 62) [Barry Goldwater sighting.] >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1954 3.142 (April 5) Our parks in peril. [Editorial.] (p. 24) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1954 3.1525 (February 11) Turkish leader in Las Vegas. [President Celal Bayar flew over Hoover Dam. Note in passing.]

1954 3.1526 (February 15) Last touches due for Hoover Dam. G.O.P. after 23 years, finally will round out project with final generator. (p. 12)

1955 3.1528 (October 23) Seven U. S. wonders listed by engineers. [Seven modern civil engineering wonders of the United States; includes Hoover Dam and Colorado River Aqueduct.]

1955 3.1692 (October 17) Campbell's craft sinks in Lake Mead. (p. 29)

1955 3.1693 (November 10) Campbell's boat speeds 201 M. P. H. Jet-propelled craft falls short of world record in unofficial run.

1955 3.1694 (November 17) Campbell drives Bluebird to a world speed-boat record of 216.2 M.P.H. First of two runs clocked at 239.5. Campbell's 216.2 average on Lake Mead betters his 202.32 M.P.H. mark. Briton skims to a world speed-boat record over Lake Mead course.

1955 3.1689 (September 27) Donald Campbell here. Speedboat champion seeks to raise mark at Lake Mead. (Arts and Leisure section.)

1955 3.1690 (October 9) Campbell is due in U. S. this week. British star expected to try for 215 M.P.H. in his jet speed boat in Nevada. (Sports Section.) [Lake Mead.]

1955 3.717 (July 16) Grand Canyon head named. (p. 24) [John S. McLaughlin, Superintendent.]

1955 3.1091 (March 28) New fight raging for the Colorado. 7 states take bitter war for waters of river into high court and Congress. (p. 19)

1956 3.727 (July 8) Air crash aftermath. (p. 132) [Editorial.]

1956 3.728 (July 8) Victim insured for $636,352. (p. 49)

1956 3.729 (July 8) De Witt Parshall, artist, is dead; painted California, Grand Canyon. (p. 64)

1956 3.732 (September 6) C. J. Lowen Jr., 41, C.A.A. chief, dies. Former Denver safety head was appointed to U.S. post last December. (p. 25)

1956 3.733 (October 17) Ex-school head shoots rapids. (p. 42) [Homer Dodge, International Rapids of St. Lawrence River; includes mention of Dodge's previous run of Colorado River.]

1956 3.719 (July 2) California victims were on vacations. (p. 14)

1956 3.720 (July 2) St. Patrick's worshipers pray for crash victims. (p. 14)

1956 3.721 (July 2) Plane crash detective. William Kossuth Andrews. (p. 15) [Director, Civil Aeronautics Board, Bureau of Safety Investigation.]

1956 3.722 (July 3) Smathers demands investigation of C.A.A. to check air safety. He says flight procedures must be examined to insure aviation future. (p. 12) [Senator George A. Smathers.]

1956 3.723 (July 3) Air traffic control. (p. 24) [Editorial.]

1956 3.724 (July 4) Crash victims insured. $2,000,000 worth held by passengers on fatal flights. (p. 13)

1956 3.725 (July 4) Inquiry on air traffic control ordered by House committee. (p. 13)

1956 3.807 (July 14) Air rules change called difficult. Eisenhower aide sees safety in present system--C.A.B. to start inquiry Aug. 1. (p. 32)

1956 3.808 (September 13) New plan needed for traffic in air. C.A.A. acting chief terms present system inadequate for post-war expansion. (p. 70)

1956 3.167 (July 3) C.A.A. says planes were off course. United and T.W.A. aircraft flew north of route--Events are reviewed. (p. 13) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.169 (July 4) Swiss to send rescue squad. (p. 13) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.186 (August 3) Flight plan shift bared at inquiry. Traffic controllers knew 2 airliners were due at same spot over Arizona. (p. 38) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.187 (August 3) Rescuers honored. (p. 38) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.189 (September 5) Air collision hearing set. (p. 25) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.190 (September 12) Skies were clear in canyon crash. (p. 74) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.191 (September 13) Canyon "airway" created. (p. 70) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.192 (November 3) 7 'Copter men honored. (p. 46) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.193 (December 8) 2 airlines sued for 1.6 million. (p. 29) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.171 (July 6) 2 'Copters land at 2nd crash site. Crews bring out wreckage of United plane and drop mountaineers at spur. (p. 13) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.172 (July 6) House inquiry to begin. (p. 13) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.173 (July 6) By air -- and road. [Editorial.] (p. 20) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.174 (July 7) Swiss begin search in Grand Canyon, climbing and descending to plane site. (p. 34) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.175 (July 7) 148 letters recovered. (p. 34) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.176 (July 8) U.S. official lays responsibility before collision to T.W.A. pilot. C.A.B. inspector says plane on visual flight system had to be "on lookout". (pp. 1, 49) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.177 (July 9) C.A.B. chief denies fault was T.W.A.'s. Say United pilot also had responsibility in crash--House group at scene. (p. 8) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.178 (July 10) 67 crash victims buried in Arizona. 350 relatives, friends and 1,500 other mourners attend joint service. (p. 21) [Flagstaff, Arizona.] >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.179 (July 11) 29 DC-7 dead identified. Mass services to be held for 29 others in canyon crash. (p. 10) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.180 (July 11) The helicopter heroes. [Editorial.] (p. 28) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.181 (July 14) Insurance claims may be $5,500,000. (p. 32) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.182 (July 16) Sight-seeing hinted as air crash cause. (p. 42) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.183 (July 19) Sight-seeing called cause of 2 crashes. (p. 54) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.184 (July 28) C.A.B. names panel for inquiry into Grand Canyon plane crash. Hearings by 6-man group to start Aug. 1--House unit asks policy overhaul and scores Commerce Department. (p. 34) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.148 (July 1) Two airliners carrying 128 vanish in West; wreckage of one sighted in Grand Canyon. No sign of life. 70 on crashed T.W.A. plane -- United craft is still missing. (pp. 1, 42) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.149 (July 1) Record toll seen for air disaster. Total of 128 deaths in two missing planes will exceed 1950 Wales crash by 48. (p. 42) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.150 (July 1) List of those on two planes. (p. 42) [Also see revised list, July 2.] >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.151 (July 2) All 128 on 2 airliners found dead; craft presumed to have collided before crashing in Grand Canyon. 'Copter at scene. Plans are laid to fly out victims' bodies--Inquiry starts. (pp. 1, 14) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.152 (July 2) C.A.A. scans logs for clue to crash. Official says radio reports by pilots will be studied--T.W.A. changed altitude. (pp. 1, 14) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.153 (July 2) No large pieces of craft sighted. Charred rock on knoll with bits of metal and paint only remains of DC-7. Bodies are not visible. 3 in helicopter see wrecks about a mile apart--Some debris buried. (p. 14) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.154 (July 2) Sketches of victims in the air crash. (p. 14) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.155 (July 2) U.S. seeks to end collision hazard. 5-year program attempts to improve traffic in air--"Urgent action" asked. (p. 14) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.156 (July 2) "It can't happen to you". Pilot in crash called plane safe if it flew on course. (p. 14) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.157 (July 2) 2 airliners fell in a wilderness. Region a tangle of canyons and buttes visited only rarely by tourists. (p. 15) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.158 (July 2) List of dead on 2 planes. (p. 15) [Revised list.] >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.159 (July 2) 128 death toll makes airline mishap worst. (p. 15) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.160 (July 2) Two lines offer to fly relatives to crash area. (p. 15) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.161 (July 2) Plane's last message was "We are going--". (p. 15) >Mon. 8: 11-8<

1956 3.162 (July 2) London paper shows canyon. (p. 15) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.163 (July 2) Crash deaths mark first for a DC-7. (p. 15) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.164 (July 2) When the averages fail. [Editorial.] (p. 20) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1956 3.1695 (October 15) Kaiser hydroplane first on Lake Mead. (Sports section.) [Jack Regas aboard Hawaii Kai III; average speed 98.6842 mph.]

1956 3.1531 (June 24) Hoover Dam fete slated. [Plan for six millionth visitor for Hoover Dam guided tour.]

1956 3.1532 (July 18) Sale of Boulder City favored.

1956 3.1533 (August 11) Roy L. Adamson, 69, railroad engineer. (p. 13) [Notes that he "directed construction of . . . the spur line to Boulder City to carry supplies for the building of Hoover Dam . . . ."]

1956 3.1534 (October 7) Project to begin on the Colorado. President will set off blasts Oct. 15 starting work on huge river development. (p. 52) [Glen Canyon Dam and Flaming Gorge Dam.]

1957 3.1535 (February 10) Work starts soon on canyon bridge. Permanent arch span over Colorado River to task builders' ingenuity. (p. 68) [Bridge at Glen Canyon Dam.]

1957 3.1536 (April 30) 107 million pact signed for a dam. U. S. gives upper Colorado River project contract to New York corporation. [Glen Canyon Dam.]

1957 3.194 (March 27) Helicopter builds an aerial span to guano cave in Grand Canyon. Big vacuum cleaner to be used to mine deposit left by giant, meat-eating bat millions of years ago. (p. 43) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1957 3.195 (July 7) U.S. projects set at Grand Canyon. Ten-year program's goal is to enlarge the areas accessible to visitors. (p. 64) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1957 3.196 (August 4) Coast club plans fight over dam. Conservationists score Los Angeles move to survey lower Colorado site. (p. 46) [Sierra Club opposition to Bridge Canyon Dam.] >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1957 3.197 (September 29) Canyon naturalist named. (p. 38) [Paul E. Schulz.] >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1957 3.734 (January 28) Zishe Weinper, poet, wrote biographies. (p. 23) [Obituary. Includes notice of poetry collection, Grand Canyon.]

1957 3.735 (April 16) Widow sues airlines. (p. 67)

1957 3.740 (July 1) New airway to open. C.A.A. to begin route over Grand Canyon Thursday. (p. 44)

1957 3.743 (November 10) Collision killing 128 top airlines disaster. (p. 72)

1958 3.746 (August 30) 2 airlines in crash blame C.A.A. group. (p. 30)

1958 3.1539 (August 17) Colorado bridge sped to aid dam. Highest steel arch span in U.S. a much needed link to construction project. (p. 65) [Glen Canyon Dam.]

1958 3.1698 (April 5) Dam holds back Utah recession. Glen Canyon project adds 1,200 jobs--A new town forms in Arizona. (p. 30)

1958 3.1701 (August 24) Water suit nears finish on coast. Dispute over Colorado River may end by Labor Day--Lower Basin is issue.

1958 3.1702 (October 24) Miss Bardahl takes hydroplane title with 2d-place finish on Lake Mead. Miss U.S. I victor at 97.879 M. P. H. but Miss Bardahl, piloted by Mira Slovak, captures national championship. (Travel and Resorts section.)

1959 3.1703 (October 22) Boeing's Wahoo victor. Boat scores on Lake Mead as Maverick incurs penalty. (Travel and Resorts section.) [William E. Boeing, Jr.'s Wahoo. Annual Lake Mead Club race.]

1959 3.1540 (December 30) Fall-out in rivers low. U.S. study finds strontium 90 is far under danger point. [Report includes data (not specified in article) from Colorado River at Hoover Dam.]

1959 3.748 (March 15) Crash suit settled. Wife of victim of '56 collision had asked $350,000. (p. 60)

1959 3.749 (April 7) "Gigi," Susan Hayward and Niven win Oscars. (p. 38) [Oscar for Live Action Short won by Walt Disney for Grand Canyon.]

1959 3.751 (June 21) Jury votes $500,000. Damages given in air deaths of three auto executives. (p. 64)

1959 3.753 (July 28) Priest dies in fall on hike in canyon. (p. 18)

1959 3.754 (August 1) Boy is rescued in Grand Canyon by helicopter after 6-day hunt. Searchers had given up hope for hiker after finding 2 companions dead--Youth lost 30 pounds, but is well. (p. 19)

1959 3.756 (September 20) Khrushchev sees grandeur of U.S. Vast continental expanse spreads beneath plane as premier flies West. (pp. 1, 43) [Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev also sees Grand Canyon as plane circles the chasm.]

1959 3.757 (December 19) Helicopters ease Grand Canyon power line job. (p. 33)

1960 3.811 (May 19) Jury holds T.W.A. at fault in crash. (p. 40)

1960 3.812 (June 14) $100,000 for air death. (p. 6)

1960 3.814 (September 24) Air crash damages set. Jury acts in two of 128 deaths in airlines collision. (p. 5)

1960 3.1016 (March 30) Hydroplane mark beaten. (p. 46) [World speed record on Lake Havasu.]

1960 3.1541 (January 5) Boulder City cuts ties and starts home rule.

1960 3.1542 (January 31) 25th year noted at Hoover Dam. Some call it Boulder, but all call it blessed for its role in West's growth. (p. 40)

1960 3.1546 (November 13) Goldwater asks river agreement. Compromise on Colorado held "long overdue"--Conference is held. (p. 86) [Senator Barry Goldwater.]

1960 3.1324 (May 8) Nevada's big lake. Vacation sites stretch along 550 miles of shore behind Hoover Dam. (p. XX 45)

1961 3.1548 (November 12) Harvey Slocum, dam builder, dies. Consultant on Grand Coulee and Hoover projects, 74. (p. 86)

1961 3.815 (July 30) Hotel studied for Grand Canyon. (p. R4) [Western Gold and Uranium over-the-rim hotel on Orphan Mine property.]

1961 3.816 (September 8) Western Gold and Uranium. In: Other Sales, Mergers. (p. 42) [Orphan Mine.]

1961 3.817 (December 11) Col. John White of Park Service. Retired U.S. aide, officer in World War I, dies at 82. (p. 31) [Includes note that White was chief ranger at Grand Canyon National Park.]

1962 3.820 (March 2) 2 airlines libable for mid-air crash. (p. 16)

1962 3.821 (March 14) Inquirer into welfare. Samuel Hazard Gillespie. (p. 28) [Article begins with note of Gillespie's in-the-field examination of the 1956 airliner crash sites in Grand Canyon.]

1962 3.200 (January 17) Bill halts canyon lounge. (p. 23) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1962 3.201 (January 18) Grand Canyon bill backed. (p. 31) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1962 3.202 (February 6) House bars buying Grand Canyon land. (p. 54) [Orphan Mine.] >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1962 3.203 (May 29) Kennedy signs bill buying mine at Grand Canyon rim. (p. 11) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1962 3.1550 (March 17) U.S. acts to ease Mexican plaints. Recommendation is asked on salt water problem. (p. 14)

1963 3.1554 (August 10) Philip Swing, 78, sponsor of dam. Representative who helped plan Hoover project dies. (p. 17)

1963 3.1707 (March 15) 3 indicted in fraud for mail land sale. (Resorts and Travel section, pp. 1, 15). ["Lake Mead Rancheros", between Hoover Dam and Kingman, Arizona.]

1963 3.823 (February 8) Court reinstates awards to estates of T.W.A. pilots. (p. 11)

1963 3.824 (September 24) The "conservation" trip. (p. 38) [Editorial. Includes question of President Kennedy's lack of plans to visit at Grand Canyon National Park during forthcoming trip, with regard to the proposed Bridge Canyon and Marble Canyon dams.]

1963 3.825 (September 29) Canyon open. (p. 400)

1964 3.828 (April 26) 5,000 landowners in Southwest involved in new Army maneuvers. (p. R1) [Exercise Desert Strike, practiced along the lower Colorado River.]

1964 3.831 (August 16) Discovery poses canyon mystery. Figurines are only trace of people of 2000 B.C. (p. 43)

1964 3.204 (June 7) Room at top hard to find at Grand Canyon. (Section 10, p. 57) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1964 3.207 (December 20) Grand Canyon not for sale! [Editorial.] (Section 4, p. 8) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1964 3.1556 (March 10) High court issues decree on Colorado River water.

1965 3.1561 Compromise is seen on 2 Arizona dams. (p. 5) [Marble Canyon Dam and Bridge Canyon Dam.]

1965 3.209 (January 3) Grand Canyon plan upheld. Sale of power declared incidental to water development. [David F. Brinegar, letter to the Editor.] (Section 4, p. 8) >Mon. 8: 11-9<

1965 3.213 (May 17) No Grand Canyon dams. [Editorial.] (p. 34) >Mon. 8: 11-10<

1965 3.833 (January 8) Grand Canyon visitors increase. (p. 32)

1965 3.841 (July 2) 2 water sources for home urged. Engineer says the system is feasible for the U.S. (p. 30) [Includes note of dual water system in use at Grand Canyon village.]

1965 3.842 (July 8) Goldwater is airlifted over Colorado rapids. (p. 15) [Barry Goldwater, Hance Rapids.]

1965 3.843 (July 18) Bearded Goldwater ends river trip. (p. 33) [Barry Goldwater.]

1965 3.846 (November 23) Boat ride. (p. 44) [Editorial. Princess Margaret.]

1965 3.1018 (December 25) Indians get gifts by chutes. (p. 10) [Gifts delivered to Havasupai by parachute.]

1966 3.1098 (June 12) I.R.S. threatens the Sierra Club. Tax status challenged over ads to save Grand Canyon. (p. 50) [Internal Revenue Service.]

1966 3.1099 (June 13) Club backs right to tax exemption. Conservationists to defend levy privilege in capital. (p. 35)

1966 3.1100 (June 16) I.R.S. to start examination of the Sierra Club Monday. (p. 37)

1966 3.1101 (June 17) I.R.S. and the Grand Canyon. (p. 44) [Editorial.]

1966 3.1102 (June 18) Ottinger charges federal coercion. (p. 24) [Richard L. Ottinger; regarding I.R.S. challenge to Sierra Club.]

1966 3.1104 (August 3) Tax ruling urged for canyon foes. 12 in House demand clarity on Sierra Club status. (p. 76)

1966 3.1105 (August 7) Sierra Club gains in fight on taxes. Conservation group notes a spurt in membership. (p. 50)

1966 3.1111 (December 20) Decision, please. (p. 42) [Editorial, regarding Sierra Club tax exemption.]

1966 3.847 (April 8) Climber killed in canyon. (p. 57)

1966 3.849 (September 9) Mrs. Johnson sets a western swing. Will go to the coast and the Southwest this month. (p. 20) [Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson.]

1966 3.850 (September 12) 5-month U.S. trip by balloon ends. Hectic cross-country ride first flight of its kind. (p. 57) [Tracy Barnes. Includes note that he had "drifted purposely to the bottom of the Grand Canyon" and swam in the Colorado River.]

1966 3.851 (December 21) Canyon gifts parachuted. (p. 15) [Havasupai Indian Reservation.]

1966 3.217 (January 17) Choice for Grand Canyon. [Editorial.] (p. 46) >Mon. 8: 11-10<

1966 3.222 (May 18) The high cost of Arizona. [Editorial.] (p. 46) >Mon. 8: 11-10<

1966 3.225 (June 6) Grand Canyon in danger. [Editorial.] (p. 40) >Mon. 8: 11-10<

1966 3.226 (June 9) Now only you can save Grand Canyon from being flooded...for profit. [Sierra Club advertisement.] (p. 35) >Mon. 8: 11-10<

1966 3.227 (June 11) House panel backs Grand Canyon lake. (p. 21) >Mon. 8: 11-10<
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