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1897 2.14281 [Brief report of "two ex-railroad men", J. Z. Stearns and Mun Davis, murdered "while prospecting in the vicinity of the Grand Canon of the Colorado."] In: Sparks [section]. Locomotive Firemen's Magazine, 22(4)(April):256.

1897 2.14232 The Columbian cyclopedia. Vol. 7, Chop-Cookman. Buffalo, New York: Garretson, Cox and Co., unpaginated. [See "Colorado, Rio--or Colorado of the West".]

1897 2.13315 Streiszüge durch Nordamerika von Dr. Max Graf von Zeppelin . . . . In: Litterarische Berichte [section]. Allgemeine Forst- und Jagd-Zeitung, new series, 73(March):89-90. [Notice of articles in Vom Fels zum Meer; Grand Canyon noticed, in passing.]

1897 2.13123 Le grand Cañon du Colorado. A Travers le Monde, new series, 3(July 24):239.

1897 2.13149 New incorporations. Railway Age, 24(14)(October 1):819. [Two brief items listed under "Arizona": "From Flagstaff, easterly and northerly to Hance's trail on the Grand canyon, 70 miles. Filed by E. E. Elliswood, Attorney."; "Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. From Williams or Flagstaff to the head of Bright Angel trail on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, 80 miles. W. O. O'Neill."]

1897 2.12971 Electric cars to the Grand Canyon, Colorado [sic]. The Electrical Engineer, 24(488)(September 9):252. [Waterfalls will power electrical generators for railway from Williams, Arizona, to Grand Canyon; Lombard, Goode and Co., Chicago. Brief note.]

1897 2.19217 The Columbian cyclopedia. Vol. 5, Bravo-Canun. Buffalo, New York: Garretson, Cox and Co., [unpaginated]. [See "Cañon, or Canyon".]

1897 2.16249 Increase in railway construction. The National Builder, (October):15-16. [Brief notice of intentions to build railroads in Arizona. In northern Arizona: "Notice of intention to build roads to the extent of 640 miles in the northwestern part of the territory has been filed with the territorial secretary. The main line will run from Kingman to White Hills Camp. An intention to build the proposed road from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon, 72 miles, has also been filed . . . ." (entire notes of pertinence)]

1897 2.17698 New railroads in Arizona. Chicago Journal of Commerce, 71(12)(September 18):11. [Noted in passing, railroads planned, "from Williams to the Grand Canon of the Colorado, [and] from Kingman to the White hills."]

1897 2.16957 The Columbian cyclopedia. Vol. 2, Anoint-Ausonia. Buffalo, New York: Garretson, Cox and Co., [unpaginated]. [See "Arizona".]

1897 2.86 Construction. Railway Age, 24(September 24):780 [see "Arizona"]. [Filing with office of Territory secretary of intention to build railroad to Grand Canyon, in interest of Santa Fe Railway.] Goodman 1015

1898 2.87 Into the Grand Cañon. Land of Sunshine, 9:145-149. >Mon. 8: 1-7< Goodman 968

1898 2.10738 Areas of North American and Australian river-basins. Geographical Journal, 12(2)(August):182-184 (see p. 182).

1898 2.16015 Die Klimatische behandlung der Hals- und Lungentuberculose. In: Wissenschaftliche Zusammenkunft der Aerzte der Deutschen Poliklinik [secton]. New Yorker Medicinische Monatsschrift (Deutschen Medicinischen Gesellschaft der Stadt New York), 10(7)(July):359-361. [Synopsis of a presentation by Dr. Freudenthal, December 1897. See p. 360, Grand Canyon, in passing.]

1898 2.16888 In the Canon of Colorado. New York Observer, 76(45)(November 10):607. ["Miss Worstell will give a stereopticon lecture this evening at the Waldorf-Astoria, on the Canon of the Colorado." (entire item)]

1898 2.16767 [Lecture notice.] In: Scientific Notes and News [section]. Science, new series, 7(May 13):674. ["The Geographical Society of Philadelphlia held its annual meeting and reception on May 4th. Professor Angelo Heilprin, the retiring President, delivered an illustrated lecture on 'A Winter Trip to the Grand Cañon of the Colorado.'" (entire note)]

1898 2.16721 Prof. James lectures on the Grand Canon. In: New York [section]. New York Observer, 76(46)(November 17):640. [Notice of George Wharton James lecture to be held at the Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church.]

1898 2.19536 Railway improvements. Sunset, 1(1)(May):11. ["The Yuma bridge is to be built on masonry piers and have one span of 200 feet and two of 160 feet each." (entire note)]

1898 2.13298 The 1898 American Institute exhibition of photographs. American Amateur Photographer, 10(10)(October):456-462. [See p. 461, notice of "Panorama Canyon of the Colorado, Arizona", by Oliver Lippincott.]

1898 2.14228 Across the U.S.A. by rail. [continued] The Locomotive Magazine, 3(April)(28):58-59. [Passing references to crossing Colorado River and to Grand Canyon. Part of a series of articles; no author indicated in those parts seen.]

1898 2.14267 [Electrical power production from Colorado River proposed for mines.] In: Electric Light and Power [section]. Electrical World, 32(19)(November 5):493. ["Prescott, Ariz.--Louis C. F. Lotz, Henry S. Hildreth and Charles Y. Wanpuzer have incorporated the Black Canyon Hydraulic & Electric Power company, with a capital of $5,000,000. The company proposes to do a general mining business and to develop electric power from the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon. The incorporators are New Yorkers." (entire note)]

1898 2.13533 De Coronado-expeditie. In: Aardrijkskundig Nieuws [section]. Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, Tijdschrift, Series 2, 15:135-136. [N.B.: "ij" ligatures transcribed to display online as "i" and "j".]

1898 2.13704 Editorial; the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. American Antiquarian, 20(2)(March/April):frontispiece, 114-117, plates.

1898 2.13703 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Construction [section]. Railway Age, 25(21)(May 27):370. [Construction to begin between Williams, Arizona, and station to be called Tusayan.]

1898 2.15373 From L. S. 43. In: Personal Correspondence [section]. Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen's Magazine, 25(4)(October):438. [Ladies' Society lodge no. 43. "Arizona is noted for what is perhaps the most unique and remarkable river valley known--the valley of the Colorado in 'Grand Cañon.' About twenty-six miles from Winslow is the Cañon Diablo. It is simply a hideous gash in the level plain 540 feet deep and 222 feet wide, extending many miles." (entire note of pertinence)]

1898 2.21502 Financial items. The Independent (New York), 50(November 3):1296. [Includes: "The Territory of Arizona has granted a charter to the Santa Fé and Grand Cañon Railway which proposes to build a line seventy miles north from Williams, Ariz., to the Grand Cañon of the Colorado." (entire note)]

1898 2.22664 [Note on J. F. Stone and F. S. Knox, "two months' vacation spent in the Grand Canon of the Colorado."] In: On the Wing [section]. The Black Diamond (Coal Dealers' Association of Illinois and Wisconsin, Chicago and New York), 21(24)(December 10):660. [Julius F. Stone. Actually pertains to Stone's trip as an investor in the Hoskaninni Mining Company in Glen Canyon, though no mention is made of this, nor of mining activities. Does not mention the Colorado River, and implies that this was a two-month river trip through Grand Canyon: "These gentlemen reported having had a most wonderful trip through the canon and are the fourth party that were ever successful in making the entire trip." Also notes, "Both of the gentlemen secured a great number of views in the Canon, and no doubt they will be able to exhibit to their friends in the near future some of the most wonderful photographs ever procured in the Grand Canon of the Colorado."]

1898 2.21656 Questions and answers. State board questions used in March. Indiana School Journal, 43(5)(May):320-328. [See under "Geography", p. 325, question and answer pertaining to Grand Canyon and its orgin.]

1899 2.22116 From ocean to ocean. Signs of the Times (Oakland, California), 25(11)(March 15):8-9 [also concurrently paginated for volume, 184-185]. [Rail travel from California to Massachusetts. Includes note of Salton Sea.]

1899 2.22719 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Construction [section]. Railway Age, 27(2)(January 13):33. ["All the preliminary surveys have been completed for this road from Williams, Ariz., north to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, 65 miles, and the line has been located from Williams, north 12 miles, and 7miles have been cross-section ready for the graders. It is expected to begin grading as soon as the weather will permit. P. F. Randall, chief engineer, Williams, Ariz." (entire item)]

1899 2.22720 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Construction [section]. Railway Age, 27(24)(June 16):453. ["The contract for building this road from Williams, Ariz., to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, 65 miles, is reported to have been let, and work has been commenced. P. F. Randall, C. E., Williams, Ariz." (entire item)]

1899 2.22721 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Construction [section]. Railway Age, 27(25)(June 23):473. ["P. F. Randall, C. E., Williams, Ariz., reports that grading was begun June 1 on this road from Williams north to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, 64 miles." (entire note)]

1899 2.21378 The California meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. Engineering and Mining Journal and Coal (New York), 68(8)(August 19):217. [Includes plans for a four-day side trip to Grand Canyon en route from San Francisco.]

1899 2.15344 [Santa Fe Railway considering "automobile carriages" for line from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon.] In: Notes and News [section]. Railway Age, 27(10)(March 10):166. [Presumably electrically powered cars.]

1899 2.15275 [Lecture notice.] In: Calendar [section]. Columbia Spectator (New York), 42(2)(February 21):[3]. ["Lecture, 'With the Spanish Conquistodores [sic] in Arizona and New Mexico--The Discovery of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.' Mr. G. Wharton James, Cooper Union." (entire note)]

1899 2.15087 Gasolene stages for the Santa Fe Railroad. The Horseless Age, 3(11)(February):8-9. [Gasoline-powered stage coaches from Everett-King Co., Chicago, planned for tourist trade between Flagstaff and Grand Canyon. Includes illustration.]

1899 2.14847 [Railway from Phoenix to Grand Canyon.] In: Construction [section]. Railway Age, 28(12)(September 22):706. ["Dr. J. M. Ford has filed with the secretary of Arizona notice of his intention to build [rail lines] * * * Another line will commence at Phoenix and run to Jerome, thence to the Grand Canyon." (entire note of pertinence)]

1899 2.14522 Vacation. American Journal of Education, 32(5)(May):5-6. ["A view of the Grand Canon of the Colorado will give the teacher more geology than could be obtained by several weeks of study of the text-book on that subject . . . ." (p. 6) (entire note)]

1899 2.14560 Santa Fe & Grand Canon. In: The Work in Progress [section]. Railway Age, 27(14)(April 7):274. ["Santa Fe & Grand Canon.--Williams, Ariz., north to the Grand Canon of the Colorado, 65 miles; under survey. P. F. Randall, C. E., Williams, Ariz." (entire note)]

1899 2.13583 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. Railway Age, (July 7):507. [First four miles of grading completed.]

1899 2.13584 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. Railway Age, (August 25):632. [Twelve miles of grading completed; track laying begun.]

1899 2.13585 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. Railway Age, (October 6):743. [Twenty-four miles of grading completed; track laying will begin this week.]

1899 2.13586 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. Railway Age, (December 1):899. [Grading one-third completed; 12 miles of track laid.]

1899 2.14226 Catalogue of pictures and studies of the Southwest by Fernand Lungren; on exhibition, day and evening from March 13th until 22d, inclusive, at the American Art Galleries, Madison Square South; The American Art Association, managers. New York: [no imprint], 12 pp. [Cover title: Pictures and studies of the Southwest by Fernand Lungren.]

1899 2.14211 [Note.] The Electrical Engineer, 27(February 23)(564):227. ["Grand Canyon, Colo. [sic], is to have nine gasoline automobiles running from Flagstaff, A. T., each driven by a 14 h. p. gasoline engine and seating 18 persons." (entire note)]

1899 2.14223 [Dwight L. Elmendorf lectures at Sherry's under the Brooklyn Institute.] In: Items of Interest [section]. Anthony's Photographic Bulletin, 30(3)(March):69. [Lecture series includes "The Grand Cañon of the Colorado".]

1899 2.14348 Santa Fe & Grand Canon. In: Railroad Items [section]. United States Investor and Promoter of American Enterprises, 10(23)(June 10):765. ["Contracts have been closed for constructing the Santa Fe & Grand Canon railroad, running from Williams, Arizona, directly past the Val Verde Mines to the Grand Canon of the Colorado. Work has already been commenced on the road." (entire item)]

1899 2.14149 To the N.E.A. at Los Angeles. State Normal Monthly (Emporia, Kansas), 12(1)(October):3-5. [Includes Grand Canyon, in passing, and note about crossing the Colorado River at Needles, p. 3.]

1899 2.13032 Grand Canyon of the Colorado. The Railroad Telegrapher, 16(6)(June):492 (also see illustrations, pp. 483, 485, 487, 491).

1899 2.18931 To the Grand Canyon in automobiles. In: Pacific Coast Notes [subsection], News of the Week [section]. The Electrical World, 33(9)(March 4):287. ["Officials of the Santa Fe Railroad recently signed contracts, in Los Angeles, Cal., for ten automobile carriages, which are to be used between Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Sixteen miles an hour is the required speed." (entire item)]

1899 2.18903 [Note.] In: Personal [section]. Mining and Scientific Press, 78(12)(March 25):326. ["Irwin Mahon of Denver, Colo., is promoting a project the purpose of which is to establish a tourist scenic route on the Colorado river from the Gulf of California to a point in eastern Utah. He thinks he has a plan of light craft that will shoot rapids under perfect control by means of electricity and water power appliances." (entire item)]

1899 2.18261 [Note.] In: Financial Items [section]. The Independent (New York), 51(2621)(February 23):584. ["The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé Railway Company, it is reported, has decided to make a trial of gasoline motor-propelled omnibuses in the transportation of tourists from Flagstaff, Ariz., to the Grand Cañon of the Colorado, a distance of about 70 miles. It is expected that the trip of 70 miles can be made in about six hours, the time at present required by horses being about double that." (entire item)]

1899 2.18400 [Railways to Grand Canyon.] In: Engineering Notes [section]. Scientific American, 81(7)(August 12):103. ["Two separate railroads into [sic] the Grand Cañon of the Colorado are now assured. The preliminary surveys have been completed for one of the roads, and the line is being slowly located ahead of the graders." (entire note)]

1899 2.16289 Steamer for Colorado River service. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 19(2)(January 12):36. [Illustration with profile drawing: "Steamer St. Vallier, Built by the Charles Barnes Co., Cincinnati, O., for Towing Barges on the Colorado River, Col. [sic]", constructed for the "Santa Anna Mining Co. of Kingsman [sic], Arizona."]

1899 2.17163 [Summary of lecture by Julius F. Stone, February 14.] In: On the Wing [section]. The Black Diamond (Chicago), 22(7)(February 18):184. [See also correction, 22(8)(February 25):21: ". . . Grand Canyon of the Colorado river, Colorado, should have read Arizona . . . ."]

1899 2.17295 [Santa Fe Railway transportation to Grand Canyon.] Scientific American Supplement, 47(1208)(February 25):19374. [To undertake "a trial of gasoline motor-propelled omnibuses in the transportation of tourists from Flagstaff, Ariz., to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, a distance of 70 miles."]

1899 2.17306 Catálogo de islas pertenecientes á la República Mexicana. (Continúa.) [México], Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, Boletin Oficial, 9(2)(December 15):87-96. [See p. 92, Consag.]

1899 2.88 The Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Catholic World, 70(December):305-320. >Mon. 8: 1-7< Goodman 972

1899 2.89 Yuma. Sunset, 4(December):67. Goodman 845

1899 2.90 The Grand Cañon cavern. In: Woods, G. K. (compiler), Personal impressions of the Grand Cañon of the Colorado River near Flagstaff, Arizona, as seen through nearly two thousand eyes, and written in the private visitors' book of the world-famous guide Capt. John Hance, guide, story-teller, and path-finder. San Francisco: Whitaker and Ray Co., for G. K. Woods, Flagstaff, A. T., pp. 149-152. [From Coconino Sun (Flagstaff). About Horseshoe Mesa caves.]

1899 2.91 The Grand Cañon. In: Woods, G. K. (compiler), Personal impressions of the Grand Cañon of the Colorado River near Flagstaff, Arizona, as seen through nearly two thousand eyes, and written in the private visitors' book of the world-famous guide Capt. John Hance, guide, story-teller, and path-finder. San Francisco: Whitaker and Ray Co., for G. K. Woods, Flagstaff, A. T., p. 161. [From Coconino Sun (Flagstaff).]

1900 2.17307 Catálogo de islas pertenecientes á la República Mexicana. (Continúa.) [México], Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, Boletin Oficial, 9(4)(February 15):211-218. [See p. 213, Montague.]

1900 2.17350 Catálogo de islas pertenecientes á la República Mexicana. (Continúa.) [México], Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, Boletin Oficial, 9(3)(January 15):137-145. [See p. 140, Gore.]

1900 2.17239 The new Arizona: A brief review of its resources, deveopment, industries, soil, cliamte, and especially its advantages for homemaking. San Francisco: Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Co., 40 pp. [Coverage comprises southern Arizona.]

1900 2.16947 January 19th, 1899. "The Grand Canon of the Colorado of the West," By Mr. C. T. Whitmell, M.A., B.Sc. In: Papers Read Before the Leeds Geological Association, Session 1898-99. Leeds Geological Association, Transactions, Part 12 (1898-99/1899-1900):10-11. [Synopsis of a general presentation given by Charles T. Whitmell.]

1900 2.18021 [Burton Holmes lecture.] The Argonaut (San Francisco), 47(August 6):10. ["The subject of the next Burton Holmes lecture at the Columbia Theatre on Thursday afternoon, August 9th, and Sunday evening, August 12th, will be 'The Grand Cañon of Arizona,' illustrated with beautiful pictures of one of America's most marvelous scenic wonders." (entire item)]

1900 2.16421 "Buffalo" Jones in town. Only stays as long as the through train--A great buffalo raiser. Deseret News, (December 4):1 [issue pagination].

1900 2.16422 Nat Brigham here. Comes back to his old home to lecture and sing. Deseret News, (December 17):1 [issue pagination].

1900 2.16423 Glories of the Grand Canyon. Eloquently and vividly depicted by Nat M. Brigham. gives a masterly lecture. His friends were greatly pleased at his initial appearances as a public speaker in this city. Deseret News, (December 19):2 [issue pagination].

1900 2.16424 Grand Canyon of Arizona. Nat M. Brigham delivers his interesting panoramic lecture. Deseret News, (December 20):7 [issue pagination].

1900 2.16416 Brigham Young Academy Exploring Expedition. Deseret News, (April 7):17 [issue pagination]. [Plans for expedition by land to Peru. Crossing of Colorado River at Lees Ferry noted, in passing.]

1900 2.16417 Kanab [news]. Bounteous rains preceded by frost--Expedition notes. Deseret News, (May 11):7 [issue pagination]. [Brigham Young Academy Exploring Expedition arrives in Kanab, Utah, moving on to House Rock Valley. For a follow-up, see Cluff, Benjamin Jr.]

1900 2.16418 Great painter here. Thomas Moran of New York will paint Shosone Falls. Deseret News, (June 8):8 [issue pagination]. [Includes note, in passing, of Moran's painting of the Grand Canyon then hanging in the U.S. Capitol.]

1900 2.16419 Another coast route. Reported coalition between Santa Fe and Denver & Rio Grande. Deseret News, (July 27):5 [issue pagination]. [Proposal to connect D. & R. G. line at Durango, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway at Williams, Arizona. Once reaching the Colorado River, the line "will follow the river down to Williams, Ariz., possibly going down the canyon itself."]

1900 2.16332 Driven into Eden. Land of Sunshine, 12(5)(April):[unpaginated, 5 pp.]. [Apparently a Santa Fe Railway promotional piece as part of the advertising section.]

1900 2.18245 Paragraphic. The Churchman, 81(3)(January 20):ix. [Actually a textual advertisement for Atlantic magazine, noting Harriet Monroe's item on Grand Canyon in the December 1899 issue.]

1900 2.18136 The Grand Cañon of Arizona. The Inland Printer, 26(1)(October):160-161.

1900 2.18163 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. Engineering News and American Railway Journal, 43(5)(Supplement, February 1):35. ["Supplement" is a separately paginated part added to each number and enumerated consecutively through the volume.]

1900 2.18236 New railroad to San Francisco. In: Business Notices [section]. The Inland Printer, 25(5)(August):702. [Passenger service on "the newly completed extension of the Santa Fe Route to San Francisco". Grand Canyon noticed, in passing, among places of "extraordinary interest of travel through the southwestern portion of our country."]

1900 2.19400 Verein für Erdkunde zu Dresden. In: Berichte von anderen geographischen Gesellschaften in Deutschland [section]. Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin, Verhandlungen, 27(6)(June):359-360. [Canyons of the Colorado River noted, in passing, p. 360.]

1900 2.19839 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Financial [section]. The Railway Age, 30(3)(July 20):65.

1900 2.19840 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Financial [section]. The Railway Age, 30(7)(August 17):136.

1900 2.19841 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Financial [section]. The Railway Age, 30(12)(September 21):236.

1900 2.19842 Santa Fe & Grand Canyon. In: Financial [section]. The Railway Age, 30(14)(October 5):278.

1900 2.14155 Eleventh annual report of President Low to the Trustees; October 1, 1900. New York: Printed for the University [Columbia University], 131 pp. [See under "Lectures (Under the Auspices of the University at Large)": "At the American Museum of Natural History. The Great Southwest (New Mexico and Arizona). George Wharton James of Pasadena, California", pp. 80-81 (series of five lectures listed for December 1899).]

1900 2.14443 Colorado gorge. The Conservative (Nebraska City, Nebraska), 2(50)(June 21):7. [With a warning not to confuse it with the Grand Canyon on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.]

1900 2.14282 Mr. Peabody's lecture. The Dartmouth, 22(12)(December 7):209. ["The stereopticon lecture delivered by Mr. H. G. Peabody '76, of Boston, last Tuesday evening in Wilder hall, was one of the most interesting ever given in Hanover. The subject was Arizona and the Grand Canon. Mr. Peabody started his lecture from Rollins Chapel, a beautiful view of which was warmly applauded, and guided his audience through the West, describing and illustrating the mode of life of the Pueblo Indians, and the wonders of Arizona and the Grand Canon. The beauty and selection of the slides could scarcely be improved, and the lecture was so enlivened by anecdotes and interesting descriptions that the attention of the audience was intense throughout. Despite the stormy weather, the room was filled to more than its seating capacity." (entire item)]

1900 2.13501 Harvard College. Class of 1879. Secretary's report. No. VI. Commencement 1900. [Cambridge, Massachusetts]: Printed for the use of the class, 160 pp. [See among "Non-Graduate Members", p. 113, Nat Maynard Brigham, "From this year's '80 Class Report."]

1900 2.13797 Proceedings of the seventy-seventh meeting, San Francisco, California, September, 1899. American Institute of Mining Engineers, Transactions, 29(February-September 1899):xlix-xcii. [See under "Excursions and Entertainments", "Across Arizona", pp. xc-xcii.]

1900 2.14831 An early American missionary, explorer, and martyr. The Literary Digest, 21(6)(August 11)(538):173-174. [Abstract of Coues, Elliott (ed., translator), On the trail of a Spanish pioneer; the diary and itinerary of Francisco Garcés. New York: Francis P. Harper, 1900; not mentioned by title other than as a part of the "American Explorers' Series".]

1900 2.14992 Floyd B. Wilson. New York corporation attorney, and interested in many important mining enterprises. The Successful American, 2(April):71. [Includes note that he is "Director of the Santa Fé and Grand Cañon Railway Company."]

1900 2.22146 Public lecture. The Dartmouth (Dartmouth College), 22(11)(November 30):194. ["Next Tuesday evening at Wilder hall, in the large lecture room, Mr. Henry G. Peabody, Dartmouth 1876, will lecture upon 'Arizona and The Grand Canon.' Mr. Peabody is probably the most expert photographer of nature in the United States. He has been employed by many of the leading railroads of the country. Recently he has patented a process for producing colored photographs. By this method he has succeeded in getting views of the rarest beauty. The time of the lecture will be announce later." (entire item) (See also Item no. 2.22147.)]

1901 2.22072 Portrait and biographical record of Arizona. Commemorating the achievements of citizens who have contributed to the progress of Arizona and the development of its resources. Chicago: Chapman Publishing Co., 1034 pp.

1901 2.21374 Meetings for the ensuing week. Society of Arts, Journal (London), 49(April 26):444. [For May 2, includes: "Camera Club, Charing-cross-road, W.C., 8¼ p.m. Dr. T. Anderson, 'The Grand Canyon.'" (entire note)]

1901 2.15279 Forest, Fish and Game at Chicago. A study of the recent novel international exposition. Sunset Magazine, 6(6)(April):187-189. [See p. 189, passing notice of "the panoramic representation of the Grand canyon [sic] of the Colorado river [sic] in Arizona, painted by the rising Chicago artist, H. G. Maratta." (entire note)]

1901 2.15427 Perils of the Colorado. Our Paper (Massachusetts Reformatory, Concord Junction), 17(15)(April 13):228. [Recount of the drowning of Brown during the Stanton expedition.]

1901 2.13674 Programme de voyage des Ingénieurs Électriciens d'Europe aux États-Unis (été 1901). Société Internationale des Électriciens, Bulletin, Series 2, 1(6):312-314 (see p. 313).

1901 2.13581 [Connection with Santa Fe & Grand Canyon Railroad in service.] In: Gen'l Pasenger Agents' Department [section]. International Railway Journal, 9(1)(October):31.

1901 2.13541 Tour to the Pacific coast. The American Friend (Philadelphia), 8(37)("Ninth Month 12" [September 12]):884. [Announcement. Grand Canyon, in passing.]

1901 2.13329 [Automobile trip planned to Grand Canyon.] In: Minor Mention [section]. The Horseless Age, 8(39)(December 25):846. ["Oliver Lippincott has perfected arrangements for a trip from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado by automobile." (entire note)]

1901 2.14434 Literary notes. Primary Education, 9(1)(January):39. ["Little, Brown & Co. have just ready [sic] 'The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona' by Prof. George Wharton James, giving the Indian legends of the region, studies in geology and a good bibliography." (entire note)]

1901 2.14122 The Craft in Iowa [section]. Iowa Masonic Library, Quarterly Bulletin, 4(3)(August):62-. [See p. 65, part of a resolution, "Whereas, Brother Frank A. Simmons, of Minneapolis, has donated to this Grand Lodge a beautiful oil painting of the Grand Canon of the Colorado, finely framed, by the noted American artist, Henry Arthur Elkins . . . ." (entire note)]

1901 2.12970 Grand Canyon Railway. In: Financial [section]. The Railway Age, 32(10)(September 6):221. [Grand Canyon Railway Co. assumes control of property from Santa Fe & Grand Canyon Railroad Co., August 31. "The 12-mile extension of the road to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado will be completed by October 1."]

1901 2.13229 [Notice of Titan of Chasms from Santa Fe Railway, but not mentioned by title.] In: Notes and News [section]. Railway Age, 32(24)(December 13):705..

1901 2.19595 [Automobile line to Grand Canyon.] In: Under the Searchlight [section]. Electricity, 20(8)(February 27):119. ["The Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Northeastern [sic] Arizona was visited last season by hundreds of tourists, and in order to handle the anticipated increase this year a scheme of establishing an automobile line from Flagstaff, Ariz., to the Grand Canyon is being entertained by local capitalists. S. E. Farcte, who conceived the idea, has gone to Chicago to make arrangements." (entire item)]

1901 2.18153 Railway construction in 1900. Detailed statement of track laid last year showing 4,437 miles of new road built in 48 states and territories. Railway Age, 31(11)(March 15):241-. [See p. 241, "Arizona": "Santa Fe & Grand Canon.--End of track, 25 miles north of Williams, north to Coconino, 30 miles; branch, Anita Junction to mines at Anita, 3 miles." (entire note)]

1901 2.19197 Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe [sic]. In: American and Canadian Railway News [section]. The Railway News (London), 76(1962)(August 10):224. [Notes: "At the receiver's sale on July 19 the Sante Fe [sic] and Grand Canyon Railroad property was bought in at the upset price of $150,000 by the committee representing the bondholders, one of the largest of whom is the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. It is thought that the name of the company will be changed to the Grand Canyon Railroad. The expectation is that the existing $1,000,000 bonds will be replaced by common stock, and that there will be authorised an issue of $250,000 preferred stock, $100,000 of the latter to be held in the treasury and the remainder to be turned over to the Atchison in return for $150,000 cash." (entire note)]

1901 2.19129 Department of Archæology. In: Work of the Departments. Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Year Book 13 (for 1900-1901), pp. 148-. [See p. 149, notice of a course of lectures by "Mr. G. Wharton James, of Pasadena, Cal., on 'The Colorado River.' This course was given in conjunction with the Department of Geography . . . ."]

1901 2.16425 An Arizona enterprise. Deseret News, (July 10):4 [issue pagination]. [Deepwater seaport projected for Yuma by dredging of Colorado River.]

1901 2.16427 Mining notes [and other news]. Deseret News, (December 13):6 [issue pagination]. [The Yuma Sun "reports the arrival . . . of several carloads of railroad iron for the Picacho & Colorado River road", to be delivered thence by boat.]

1901 2.16887 [Notes on the contents of a copy of American Anthropologist, date not stated.] Science of Man and Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia, new series, 3(4)(April 22):39-40. [See p. 39: "G. W. James describes the Havasupai tribe which makes it home in the depthsof Cataract Canon of the Colorado River, and the cliff dwellings in ruin in the Walnut Canon and a prehistoric irrigation canal, and some circular food stores near Shinumo Creek are described." (entire note)]

1901 2.16054 Board of Education free lectures. In: Report of the President. American Museum of Natural History, 32nd Annual Report (1900), pp. 26-27. [Listed: "Apr. 10.--The Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Mr. G. Wharton James."; "Apr. 17.--The Wonderful Cataract Cañon Home. Mr. G. Wharton James." (p. 26)]

1901 2.15848 [Power production and trolley investigations at Grand Canyon.] In: Personal [section]. Age of Steel, 89(16)(April 20):25. ["A dispatch from Phoenix says that a party of hydraulic engineers has just completed a trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, and reports that it will be possible to install a power plant in one of several places on the lower end of the canyon capable of supplying a greater horse power than is now being utilized at Niagara It is said that a company of Eastern capitalists proposes to install large plants as soon as government arrangements are perfected. Electric trolley line observation cars along the rim of the canyon for fifteen miles are also contemplated. It is rumored that Lombard, Goode & Co., of New York, are also interested." (entire item)]

1901 2.17599 Field Columbian Museum sixteenth free lecture course, Autumn, 1901. In: Personal and Scientific News [section]. American Geologist, 28(5)(November):333. ["Oct. 12, Through the Arizona Cañon and Yosemite to the Glaciers and Alaska, Dr. Edward Burton McDowell, Chicago" (entire note)]

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1901 2.17397 Mille anni prima di Colombo. In: Dalle Riviste [section]. La Lettura (Rivista Mensile del Corriere della Sera) (Milano), 1(9)(September):886-887. ("Da un articulo del signor John Fryer, nell'Harper's Monthly Magazine, fascicolo di luglio.") [From John Fryer's article; see Item no. 2.17396. See p. 887, "Un prete divinizzato, vissuto su una piccola isola presso il fiume Colorado, si chiama Quatu Sacca . . . ." (entire note)]

1901 2.93 The Grand Cañon of Arizona. Truth, (February):53-54. >Mon. 8: 1-53<

1901 2.94 The Grand Canyon of Arizona. Mineral Collector, 8(1)(March):frontispiece, 5-6. [No mention of minerals or collecting; general comments only.]

1901 2.95 [Brief note on a lecture to the Appalachian Mountain Club by Arthur K. Peck, "The Grand Canyon of Arizona."] Appalachia, 9(3/4):405.

1901 2.7331 A history of the pilgrimage of the Chicago Commercial Club to centres of western commerce. Chicago: R. R. Donnelley and Sons Co., The Lakeside Press, 146 pp. [Committee to prepare the history (p. 18): George C. Walker, Franklin H. Head, C. Fred Kimball, Rollin A. Keyes, and John James Janes.] [Also note 1977 reprint.]

1902 2.17360 Le tragedie dell'oro. In: Dalle Reviste [section]. La Lettura (Rivista mensile del Corriere della Sera) (Milano), 2(1)(January):83-85. [Miners' stories in Salton Sea area.]

1902 2.16962 Millville Friends' School. Friends' Intelligencer (Philadelphia), 59(14)("Fourth Month 5" [April 5]):219. ["Professor P. P. Phillips, of the University of Pennsylvania, gave a very entertaining and instructive lecture at Millville, Pa., on the evening of the 29th instant, in the interest of the Friends' school. His lecture was presented in the form of a journey through the lands of the Cliff-Dwellers and the Pueblo Indians, the picturesque regions of the Grand Canon of the Colorado and Scenic Divide. His recital of experiences in the various places created added interst in the views presented." (entire item)] [Grand Scenic Divide, Grand Canyon.]

1902 2.17511 Lecture courses. In: Field Columbian Museum, Annual Report of the Director to the Board of Trustees for the year 1901-1902. Field Columbian Museum, Publication 70, Report Series 2(2):86-87. [See p. 86, "Oct. 12.--'Through the Arizona Cañon and Yosemite to the Glaciers of Alaska' (Illustrated). Dr. Edward Burton McDowell, Chicago." (entire item)]

1902 2.17761 [Lecture notice.] Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Year Book, 14(for 1901-1902):125. ["Dec. 12 [1901].--Lecture by Mr. Henry G. Peabody, of Boston, on 'Arizona and the Grand Cañon of the Colorado,' illustrated by colored lantern photographs taken by the lecturer." (entire note)]

1902 2.16055 City Board of Education free lectures. Winter and spring courses. In: Report of the President. American Museum of Natural History, 33rd Annual Report (1901), pp. 38-39. ["January 22.--Across the Grand Canyon to Point Sublime. G. Wharton James." (p. 38)]

1902 2.16137 N. W. D. A. at Monterey. Paint, Oil and Drug Review (Chicago), 34(16)(October 15):18. [National Wholesale Druggists' Association convention. "One day [enroute] was spent in the Grand Canon of Arizona, the sight of which was new to many of the 95 members of the party." (entire note)]

1902 2.16674 [Note.] Automobile Topics Illustrated, 3(17)(February 8):644. ["Oliver Lippincott of Los Angeles, Cal., recently ascended Knob Hill, between Flagstaff, Ariz., and the Grand Canyon in his automobile, a Toledo, through six inches of snow. It was necessary to overcome a 16 per cent. grade, and the test, which was made before representatives of the New Automoble Transportation Company, was a severe one. By May 1st the company intends to have fifteen passenger automobiles in operation in [sic] the Grand Canyon." (entire item)]

1902 2.16675 Touring in the Rocky Mountains in a Toledo. Automobile Topics Illustrated, 3(15)(January 25):553-554. [See p. 553: "Arrangements have been made with Mr. Oliver Lippincott, of Los Angeles, Cal., to make a tour which will embrace a complete circuit of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado . . ." (entire note)]

1902 2.16428 A wonder of the world. Grand Canyon of Arizona vividly described by Mr. Nat M. Brigham. Deseret News, (February 10):2 [issue pagination]. [Report of lecture.]

1902 2.16414 "Arizona Charlie" to capture cannibal treasure island. Deseret News, (October 4):25 [issue pagination]. [Lower Colorado River.]

1902 2.19131 Mexico and California. Forty-five days' tour via Pennsylvania Railroad. Friends' Intelligencer (Philadelphia), 59(4)("First Month 25, 1902" [January 25]):64. [Promotion. Includes note, ". . . the Grand Canon of Arizona, one of the great wonders of the country."]

1902 2.19166 [George Wharton James' false death notice.] In: Literary and Art Notes [section]. The Standard (Chicago), 49(33)(April 19):991 (also concurrently paginated for the issue, 15). ["George Wharton James, the author and scientist, is one of those individuals who has had the opportunity of reading of his own death in the newspapers. Mr. James, according to one account, was fatally bitten in a desperate battle with a gigantic rattlesnake in a curiosity shop in Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. 11. As the author of 'In and Around the Grand Canon' is to lecture in Boston at an early date the report of his demise is premature, to say the least." (entire note) (For examples of the false notices, see Items 2.18915, 2.18916.)]

1902 2.18915 [Note reporting the death of George Wharton James by bite of rattlesnake.] In: Notes on Authors [section]. The Publishers' Weekly, 61(7)(February 15):518. [False report; he did not die of the bite.] [Notes briefly, "Mr. James has written several books on the Grand Cañon of Arizona . . . ."]

1902 2.18916 Rattlesnake kills an author. The Publishers' Circular (London), 76(March 15):311. [Note reporting the death of George Wharton James, credited to "New York Publishers' Weekly" (see Item no. 2.18915). False report; he did not die of the snake bite.] [Notes briefly, "Mr. James has written several books on the Grand Cañon of Arizona. . . ."]

1902 2.18935 Geology in summer. The Independent (New York), 54(July 17):1735-1737. [Editorial. See p. 1737: "[The author's] Time fails to tell how the tourist may investigate fossil shells, bones, footmarks, minerals, beds of coal, geysers, may try mountain climbing or, best of all, visit the Grand Cañon of the Colorado." (entire note)]

1902 2.18623 The discovery of the Colorado River in 1540. Imperial Press and Farmer (Imperial, California), 2(32)(November 22):1.

1902 2.19368 Biographical record of Salt Lake City and vicinity; containing biographies of well known citizens of the past and present. Chicago: National Historical Record Co., 654 [658] pp. [See: Angus Munn Cannon, pp. 170-174: "In 1864 he had accompanied Anson Call to establish what was later known as Callville, on the Colorado river, twenty-five miles west of the mouth of the Virgin river. This is the highest point on the Colorado river which a steamboat has attained to. The boat came with a load of freight. During the summer our subject was attacked with typhoid fever and was the only one out of the four cases who recovered." (p. 172, entire note); Henry Harker (pp. 337-338): "[In 1873] He was the first to cross Lees Ferry over the Colorado river. that summer the ferry went down on account of the high water, and Mr. Harker with a cargo of thirty-six wagons was left on the other side of the river and had to ferry across its banks, having to take the wagons apart, which he successfully accomplished and landed his cargo on the opposite side." (p. 338, entire note); Aroet Lucius Hale (pp. 466-467): "He helped organize and colonize the mission at Los Vegas [sic], on the Colorado river, and also spent two years on the Muddy river in this work." (p. 466, entire note)]

1902 2.13227 [Notice of Titan of Chasms from Santa Fe Railway.] Black Diamond Express Monthly (New York), 6(9)(September):21.

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1902 2.13153 Railway building in 1901. Railway Age, 33(12)(March 21):401. [Listed under "Arizona": "Grand Canyon Railroad (A. T. & S. F.).--Extension to Grand Canyon of Colorado, 11.3 miles." (entire item)]

1902 2.14139 [Comment.] Mahin's Magazine (Chicago), 1(6)(September):14. ["A lady who recently visited the Grand Cañon of the Colorado River remarked that it was surprising that some enterprising bill poster had not placed announcements upon the cliffs."]

1902 2.14234 [Power plant proposed for Bright Angel Creek.] In: Electric Light and Power [section]. Electrical World and Engineer, 40(18)(November 1):726. ["Flagstaff, Ariz.--The Grand Cañon Electric Power Company proposes to build a new power plant on Right Angle Creek [sic], a branch of the Colorado River. Surveys for the work are now under way. Mr. Julius Aubineau is president of the company and Mr. D. Babbitt secretary and treasurer." (entire note)]

1902 2.13679 [Notice of Santa Fe Railway combination time-table and information guide for Grand Canyon.] In: Railroad Publicity [section]. Ad Sense, 12(5)(April):298.

1902 2.13650 The tour of the American Climatological Association. American Climatological Association, Transactions, 18:xxxiii-liii (see pp. xxxiv-xxxvii).

1902 2.13775 Summer meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Central Mining Institute, at Uniontown, Pa., June 24, 1902. Mines and Minerals, 23(1)(August):6-7. [See p. 7, notice of lecture on Grand Canyon presented by Julius F. Stone.]

1902 2.13844 [Note from G. H. Matthes.] In: News From the Classes [section]. Technology Review (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 4(1)(January):392-393. ["G. H. Matthes [Class of 1895] writes 'that his brother, F. E. Matthes, was recently selected commence a topographic map of the Grand Cañon of the Colorado River in Arizona. He left for the cañon March 17, and is now (April 27) making good progress. His work covers the Grand Cañon forest Reserve, which comprises the most beautiful section of the Grand Cañon." (entire note) Regarding François E. Matthes.]

1902 2.15616 [Grand Canyon Electric Power Company.] In: Pacific Coast News [section]. Electrical Review, 41(19)(November 8):650. [Corporation organized by A. Barmann, Julius Aubineau and David Babbitt "for the purpose of utilizing the fall of the water of Bright Angel Creek" for power delivery to Flagstaff, Arizona.]

1902 2.15286 Automobile endurance test. Electrical World and Engineer, 39(3)(January 18):140. [Oliver Lippincott demonstration tour with Toledo steam vehicle planned by automobile department of American Bicycle Co., including "making a circuit of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado" (entire note of pertinence).]

1902 2.15287 Flagstaff, Ariz. In: The Automobile [section]. Electrical World and Engineer, 39(9)(March 1):419. ["Mr. Oliver Lippincott, the Los Angeles artist, in his automoble 'Toledo' has climbed Knob Hill, a 16 per cent grade, in six inches of snow, in a test before a committee of the new automobile company between Flagstaff and Grand Canyon. The demonstration is considered one of the most successful and difficult ever given in this country." (entire note)]

1902 2.15282 A complete exhibition. The Automobile Review, 6(2)(February):37. [International Motor Car Co. "The Toledo department will exhibit its standard Model A Toledo steam carriage, such as is now making the trip through the Grand Canyon and the Yosemite Valley." (entire note of pertinence)]

1902 2.15261 [Address on Grand Canyon.] In: The Faculties [section]. University of Chicago, University Record, 6(March)(48):357. ["Dean Salisbury addressed the Geographic Society of Chicago on 'The Grand Canyon of the Colorado,' January 21." (entire note)]

1902 2.14517 To build steam trucks. The Horseless Age, 9(1)(January 1):28. ["Three 'Toledo' steam wagonettes are reported about to be purchased to run between Flagstaff and Grand Canon, Ariz., a distance of 72 miles, if Oliver Lippincott's trial run proves successful." (entire note)]

1902 2.14689 [Notice of November issue of Century Illustrated Magazine.] In: Notes [section]. The Nation, 75(November 6)(1949):362-363. [Includes notice of article on Grand Canyon by John Muir. Also notes illustrations of the Southwest by Maxfield Parrish (one of which is an illustration of Grand Canyon although it is not noticed specifically).]

1902 2.21611 New York City. Journal of Education, 55(1)(January 2):13. [Notice of fete for James J. McCabe as associate superintendent of schools. "A pastel, 'The Grand Canon,' by George H. McCord, on the passe-partout of which the diners signed their names, was presented to Mr. McCabe." (entire note)]

1902 2.22189 A stiff climb. The Automobile Review, 6(3)(March):64. ["Oliver Lippincott, the Los Angeles artist, in his automobile 'Toldedo,' climbed 'Knob Hill,' a 16 per cent grade, in six inches of snow, in a test before a committee of the new automobile company, between Flagstaff, Ariz., and the Grand Canyon. The demonstration is considered one of the most successful and difficult yet accomplished. The new company expects to have fifteen passenger automobiles running by May 1." (entire item)]

1903 2.22218 Construction notes. Street Railway Journal (New York), 21(23)(June 6):77. [Includes item: "Phonix, Ariz.--J. E. Girand, representing the Cataract Creek Power Company, is surveying for an electric railway to start at the terminus the steam railroad at Bright Angel, and run thence westward into Cataract Canyon and along the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Ample power is to be secured from the falls of Cataract Creek, in themselves one of the most marvelous and beautiful sights of the canyon region." (entire note)] [Havasu Creek.]

1903 2.22730 The sculptures wrought by nature. The Commoner (Lincoln, Nebraska), 2(51)(January 9):7. [Quoting "a writer in the Chicago Chronicle". Remarks on comparing the overwhelming proportions of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado as compared to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Yosemite valley.]

1903 2.22678 The national convention at Los Angeles; why bee-keepers should go. Gleanings in Bee Culture, 31(11)(June 1):480-481. [National Bee-keepers' Association. See p. 480, regarding a suggestion to "make the Santa Fe route the semi-official one of the bee-keepers. A tourist sleeping-car could be made up largely of bee-keepers, to start from Chicago in time to give a day's stop-off at the Grand Canyon-probably the most remarkable scenery of the kind the world affords." (entire note)]

1903 2.22679 The Los Angeles convention; railroad fare; hotel accommodations, etc. Gleanings in Bee Culture, 31(14)(July 15):624. [National Bee-keepers' Association. "The extra cost of seeing the Grand Canyon will be $6.50 for car fare and $2.00 for berth. Mot if not all of the bee-keepers expect to take in the Grand Canyon." (entire note)]

1903 2.22592 [Lecture.] In: Items Personal [section]. The Standard (A Baptist Newspaper) (Chicago), 51(3)(September 19):24 [also paginated consecutively for the volume, 72]. ["Rev. Herman J. Powell, pastor at Albuquerque, N. M. * * * gave his lecture on 'The Grand Canon of Arizona' at Creston, Iowa; Kalamazoo, Mich., and Joliet, Ill." (entire note)]

1903 2.21598 Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, in Arizona. American Bee Journal, 43(53)(December 31):cover. [Photo only, but which refers, "See page 612", which is the anonymous account of the visit by convention delegates to Grand Canyon in the September 24, 1903, issue (see Item no. 2.21372). Regarding the photo, see also remarks by E. E. Hasty in the February 18, 1904, issue (see Item no. 2.21597).]

1903 2.21371 Along the "Santa Fe Route" to Los Angeles. American Bee Journal, 43(19)(May 7):cover (p. [289]). [Photograph with legend, "Upstream from 'Bright Angel Point,' in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona." View depicts the Inner Gorge as seen from its edge. Promotional image for travel to the National Bee-Keepers' Convention, Los Angeles, August 18-20.]

1903 2.21372 [Lengthy account of visit to Grand Canyon, including a hike to the rim of the Inner Gorge.] In: Miscellaneous Items [section]. American Bee Journal, 43(39)(September 24):612-613. [Part of a serialized article of a trip to the National Bee-Keepers' Convention in Los Angeles, August 18-20.]

1903 2.21373 Pasadena and homeward bound. In: Miscellaneous Items [section]. American Bee Journal, 43(43)(October 22):cover, 676. [Recollection of travel to and from the National Bee-Keepers' Convention in Los Angeles, August 18-20. Cover photo (for which all people are identified) is noted in text: ". . . we close with giving a picture of the [rail] car and its 'contents' as all appeared on Monday morning, Aug. 17, a few minutes before leaving Grand Canyon for Williams, on the main line of the Santa Fe railroad."]

1903 2.19231 [El Tovar hotel.] In: News and Notes [section]. The Railway Age, 35(24)(June 12):997. [New hotel under construction by the Santa Fe Railway at Grand Canyon, probably to be called "Bright Angel Tavern".]

1903 2.14776 Aërial photography. The Photo-Miniature, 5(July)(52):145-173, illustrations. [See p. 147, Grand Canyon, in passing, with regard to photography from great heights as applied also to "any natural eminence".] [Aerial photography.]

1903 2.14545 Nature and human habitation. In: Topics of the Time [section]. Century Magazine, 65(4)(February):637-639. [Begins with notice of John Muir's article in the magazine in November 1902.]

1903 2.14926 Mr. Roosevelt's tour. In: Survey of the World. The Independent, 55(May 14)(2841):1114. [Theodore Roosevelt. "In Arizona he saw the Grand Cañon, and in a brief address urged the people to refrain from marring the noble view by erected a hotel or a building of any kind within the scope of it." (entire note)]

1903 2.15606 Los Angeles, Cal. In: Building Intelligence [section]. American Architect and Building News, 81(September 12):xi. ["Los Angeles, Cal.--The Santa Fe Ry. will build a hotel in the Grand Canyon at once. The contract will be let by Ch. Engr. R. B. Burns of this palce. Estimated cost, exclusive of furniture, $50,000." (entire item) Re: El Tovar Hotel.]

1903 2.15585 Observer Assembly trains to Los Angeles. Home missions--Grand Canon--San Francisco--Yosemite--Garden of the Gods--Alaska and Yellowstone. New York Observer, 81(15)(April 9):[457]. [Promotional page for General Assembly excursion of the Presbyterian church.]

1903 2.15586 Assembly train itineraries. Leave New York May 13 and reach Los Angeles May 20. New York Observer, 81(12)(March 19):369. [Includes two full days at Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.15587 Two Observer trains for Los Angeles. New York Observer, 81(11)(March 12):334. [General Assembly excursion of the Presbyterian church. Itinerary includes two days at Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.14239 [Rough Riders to meet Theodore Roosevelt at Grand Canyon.] In: Items [section]. Fur Trade Review (New York), 30(9)(April 1):216. ["Fifty Rough Riders, of Bisbee and Southern Arizona, finding that President Roosevelt will confine his itinerary to the northern part of the Territory, have arranged an excursion to Grand Cañon, where they will greet their former leader. Desiring to give the President some appropriate token of their esteem, they have secured a large black bear, captured in Sonora, and will present it to him when they meet him at the cañon." (entire item)]

1903 2.14240 Power in the Grand Canyon. Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas, 13(1)(January):104-105. [General article on Grand Canyon, with passing reference to the power of moving water but no references to power production.]

1903 2.14380 An index to characters. In: The writings of Bret Harte. Volume XIX. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., and Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Riverside Press, pp. 275-422. [See pp. 286-287, reference to "Bradley, Mrs. Jennie. The illogical and charming wife of the host [Jim Bradley] at The Lookout. Discontented with the idyllic life on the edge of the Grand Cañon, she becomes disloyal to her husband. A Phyllis of the Sierras." Actually, the referred work takes place at "Great Canyon", at which the scenery as described cannot be construed as the Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.13132 Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon; ein Nachschalagewerk des allgemeinen Wissens. Dritter Band. Bismark-Archipel bis Chemnitz. Leipzig and Wien: Bibliographisches Institut, 6th revised, enlarged ed. [See "Cañons", pp. 741-742, including reference to Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.13296 [Record of meeting of May 18, 1903.] Academy of Science of St. Louis, Transactions, 13:xxxix. [Includes notice of a lecture illustrated by lantern slides, by C. Barck, describing Grand Canyon's "first deliberate crossing" by "Mr. James" [presumably George Wharton James] and Barck, Bass Camp to Point Sublime.]

1903 2.12835 Tour to the Pacific coast, via Pennsylvania Railroad, account G.A.R. National Encampment. The School Journal, 67(4)(July 25):107

1903 2.19292 Bolshaya entsiklopediya. Odinnadtsatyy tomy. Knty-Landana. S.-Peterburgy: Tipografiya Tovarichestva "Prosvcheny", 794+ pp. [See p. 201, "Kolorado, 1) Rio K. Zapada"]. [In Russian.]

1903 2.19562 Per l' VIII Congresso Geografico Internazionale. In: Notizie ed Appunti [section]. Società Geografica Italiana, Bollettino, Series 4, 4(8)(August):655. [Notes, in passing, that the excursion of the 8th International Geographical Congress will include Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.19563 L' VIII Congresso Geografico Internazionale. In: Notizie ed Appunti [section]. Società Geografica Italiana, Bollettino, Series 4, 4(12)(December):1019. [Notes, in passing, that the excursion of the 8th International Geographical Congress included Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.20066 [News note.] Engineering News, 50(9)(Construction News Supplement)(August 27):130. ["Los Angeles, Cal.-- * * * Anson & Holmes received contract for erecting a new hotel for the Santa Fe R. R. at Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, at $116,000." (entire note)]

1903 2.18418 Master plumbers in California. The Plumbers Trade Journal and Steam and Hot Water Fitters' Review, (July 1):14, 16, 18. [Photographic review of trips to and from the San Francisco convention via different routes. The running text refers to some of the photographs, but the photos are not necessarily on the same page, nor otherwise identified as the ones mentioned in the text. See "A Party of Chicagoans at the Grand Canon, Arizona" (mounted trip in the canyon) and "In the Grand Canon, Arizona" (party seated on the rim), p. 14; refer to text, p. 16. Also note the brief mention of "The train had just anchored outside of Yuma, Ari." [sic] (p. 16), which possibly refers to the photo of the "New York and Brooklyn delegation" on the same page, "Making Fun for a Party of Delegates on The Way to California [sic], taken in front of the "Sol Pace Saloon".]

1903 2.19150 [Forthcoming meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union in San Francisco.] In: Notes and News [section]. The Auk, 20(2)(April):245-246. [Regarding the train trip from Chicago, "The feature of the trip will be the stop at the Grand Cañon of the Colorado in northern Arizona, where time will be given for a descent into the most sublime and wonderful chasm known in the whole world." (entire note)]

1903 2.19227 [Passenger rates on Grand Canyon rim stage rides.] In: News and Notes [section]. The Railway Age, 35(1)(January 2):34. ["Passenger rates seem to be fixed by the pound or the inch upon the Grand View stage line in Arizona, for we read in the Santa Fe's volume on the Grand Canyon, 'The rate for round trip, Bright Angel to Grand View, is $2.50 to $5 each person, according to size of party.' A slim, light 'party,' weighing not over 100 pounds and occupying less than 15 inches horizontal space, would therefore probably be able to secure a seat for $2.50; while a 300-pound 'party,' requiring double seating space, would justly be charged $5. The reasonableness of this basis of rate making as applied to stage accommodations is too evident to need argument." Suggests the same application to railway rates.]

1903 2.19228 [El Tovar hotel.] In: News and Notes [section]. The Railway Age, 35(5)(January 30):162. ["Bids are about to be asked by the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe for the erection of a new tourist hotel on the brink of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona. It will cost not less than $175,000 and will be built about 400 feet from the canyon brink at the head of Bright Angel's trail [sic]. work will begin on the new hotel as early this spring as possible, and it will in all probability be completed by December 3, 1903. R. B. Burns, chief engineer of the Santa Fe Coast Lines at Los Angeles will be in charge." (entire item)]

1903 2.19229 [Hotel.] In: Equipment and Supplies [section]. The Railway Age, 35(16)(April 17):751. ["The Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe is to build a hotel at the head of the Grand View trail [sic], Grand Canyon of Arizona, this year." (entire item)]

1903 2.19230 [El Tovar hotel.] In: Equipment and Supplies [section]. The Railway Age, 35(23)(June 5):976. ["Plans have been approved for the new hotel to be built by the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe at Grand Canyon, Ariz., and ground is being broken. While the work will be pushed as rapidly as possible, owing to the diffculty in getting material, it is not expectd that the hotel will be ready for occupancy until the summer season of 1904." (entire item)]

1903 2.19231 [El Tovar hotel.] In: News and Notes [section]. [New hotel under construction by the Santa Fe Railway at Grand Canyon, probably to be called "Bright Angel Tavern".]

1903 2.16415 Unique advertising. Deseret News, (February 20):2 [issue pagination]. ["The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe is out with a decidely unique advertisement in the shape of a handsome lithographed panoramic view of the Grand Canyon of Arizona. If the printed instructions on the back are followed and the picture placed on a table with its back to the light a very pretty and gorgeous sunset effect is the result. The 'News' acknowledges the receipt of one of these works of art through the courtesy of General Agent C. F. Warren." (entire item)]

1903 2.16426 To open land to settlement. Deseret News, (March 15):5 [issue pagination]. [About one million acres of federal lands opened to settlement in California along the lower Colorado River between Needles and Mojave. Southern Pacific Railroad holds selection privilege.]

1903 2.16429 Colorado River survey. Attention being paid to region near Needles, Cal., by government. Deseret News, (April 3):6 [issue pagination]. [General, brief article regarding U.S. Geological Survey work in Needles quadrangle, California-Arizona. Also notes comparable work under way near Yuma, Arizona.]

1903 2.16430 President in Grand Canyon. Deseret News, (May 6):1 [issue pagination]. [Theodore Roosevelt.]

1903 2.16432 Land thrown open to settlement. Deseret News, (June 16):5 [issue pagination]. [Lower Colorado River, California, between Needles and Mojave.]

1903 2.16434 R.G.W. to extend to Swamp Point. Surveys made from Marysvale through to the Colorado River for the road. Taps fine mining country. Eastern syndicate has obtained possession of tract of country around the district to be developed. Deseret News, (November 10):5 [issue pagination]. [Denver & Rio Grande Railroad plans include "a big hotel and laying out the great park" on Grand Canyon North Rim.]

1903 2.16435 High standard of Utah art. Deseret News, (December 19):63 [issue pagination]. [Includes illustration of "Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Harry Culmer's $300 Prize Picture Which is Now the Property of the State."]

1903 2.16431 Those Arizona camels. Deseret News, (May 16):17 [issue pagination].

1903 2.16501 [Publisher's announcement of publication of "The Girl Rough Riders" by Prentiss Ingraham.] Publisher's Weekly, 63(1)(March 7):686.

1903 2.15751 The President in Arizona; gives diplomas to graduates; compliments the men of Arizona in an address delivered at Grand Canyon--Extends greetings to Indians. The Summary (Elmira, New York), 31(19)(May 9):1.

1903 2.15783 President passes through Flagstaff. On his way to the Grand Canyon Wednesday morning--Early watchers disappointed. Flagstaff's patriotic people follow him in goodly number. to do honor to the nation's chief executive--President presents diplomas to Flagstaff High School graduates--The citizens of Flagstaff present beautiful and costly Navajo blanket. Coconino Sun (Flagstaff) [weekly newspaper], 20(19)(May 9):1-2.

1903 2.16027 [News note.] Automobile Topics Illustrated, 6(25)(October 23):1660. ["An automobile was sold in San Francisco a few weeks ago to be shipped to Arizona and be run from the nearest railroad station to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado for the purpose of carrying passengers." (entire note)]

1903 2.16004 [Electrical power for Grandview Mine.] In: Electric Light and Power [section]. Electrical World and Engineer, 42(5)(August 1):204. ["Grand View, Ariz.--The Grand Canyon Company of this place has had estimates made on the cost of a power plant that may be established at Mooney Falls, on Cataract Creek, about forty miles from the mine. The establishment of an electrical generating plant for that place for the purpose of affording power for the operation of the mine here is contemplated." (entire item)]

1903 2.18049 [F. Weber Benton plan for journey by motorcycle from California to St. Louis.] In: Motor-Cycling News [section]. The Motor-Car Journal (London), 5(213)(April 4):88. [Notes, "The travellers will descend into old Mexico, cross the scenic belt of Arizona, touching the territory of the cliff dwellers and passing through the depths of the Grand Canon of the Colorado." (entire note)]

1903 2.10592 The Eighth International Geographical Congress. Geographical Journal, 22(3)(September):312-313. [Announcement; includes notice of a trip to Grand Canyon.]

1903 2.10622 Books received from August 1 to October 1, 1903. American Academy of Political and Social Science, Annals, 22(November):114. [Includes notice of Glimpses of the Grand Canyon of Arizona, by H. G. Peabody, published by Fred Harvey, price $1.25.]

1904 2.17875 The Ivory City. Millinery Trade Review, 29(6)(June):87-90. [Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. See pp. 89-90: "The Department of Commerce . . . has also a panoramic view of the Yosemite Valley and the Grand Canyon of Arizona. The pictures are so constructed as to represent the colors of the hills, mountains, valleys, trees, shrubbery and water. The visitor looks through a window into a box that depicts the topography of the country exactly. It's a pretty picture and worth lingering over." (entire note)]

1904 2.17743 Vereine und Versammlungen. In: Geographische Neuigkeiten [section; August Fitzau, compiler]. Geographische Zeitschrift, 10(8):468-470. [Regarding the 8th International Geographical Congress. See p. 469: "Der geplante Ausflug nach dem fernen Westen findet statt, aber nicht in dem ursprünglichen Umfang: Am 24. Sept. führt ein Extrazug der Santa Fé-Pacific-Bahn die Teilnehmer über Williams in Arizona zum Grand Cañon des Colorado . . . ." (entire note)]

1904 2.16171 The Anglo-American encyclopedia and dictionary; a comprehensive encyclopedia of the arts, sciences, history, biography, geography and general literature. Volume II. [Cobweb-Hebrus]. New York: J. A. Hill and Co., pp. 651-1298. [See "Colorado River, or Colorado of the West", pp. 668-669; "Grand Cañon", p. 1204.]

1904 2.16436 Gold and Indians lost. Deseret News, (January 28):7 [issue pagination]. ["A special to the Express, from Beals, Cal., says: ¶Six Indians and about $1,200 in gold were lost by the upsetting of a boat on the Colorado river, near the Indian reservation a few days ago. James Cundiff and Frederick Longmeyer, prospectors, witnessed the accident and managed to save one of the occupants of the boat." (entire item)]

1904 2.16437 A big saloon robbery. Deseret News, (August 17):7 [issue pagination]. [Cubbage's saloon, Needles, California. "It is believed the robbers escaped down the Colorado river in a boat."]

1904 2.16335 Nu Chapter. In: Personal and Alumni Notes [section]. The Frater (Psi Omega Fraternity), 3(3)(March):161. [Brief report, in the third person, of trip by F. C. Friesell, '98, by wagon from Flagstaff to Yuma, thence by boat down the Colorado River to the Gulf of California.]

1904 2.19102 An attractive vacation. The Watchman (Tremont Temple, Boston), 86(26)(June 30):26. [Vacationing suggestion, at "the meetings of the Baptist Vineyard Association at Cottage City, Mass., on the island of Martha's Vineyard." Notes, ". . . illustrated lectures on the 'Grand Canon of Arizona and Moki Land' on Monday evening, Aug. 8, Hon. Arthur K. Peck . . . ." (entire note)]

1904 2.18921 Vorgänge in der Geographischen Gesellschaft. In: Kleinere Mitteilungen [section]. Deutsche Geographische Blätter, 27(3/4):189. [Alwin Oppel's visit to the United States representing the Geographischen Gesellschaft in Bremen at the 8th International Geographical Congress. Excursion to Grand Canyon noted in passing.]

1904 2.18431 Social events. The Miami Student (Miami University, Miami, Ohio), 23(8)(May):263-264. [See p. 263: "Mr. Henry Peabody, of Boston, Mass., gave an illustrated lecture before the students of Western College, Friday evening, April fifteenth, using for his theme, 'In the Footsteps of Cortez.' Mr. Peabody is a man of wide experience and an able lecturer. By request on Saturday evening he gave a second illustrated lecture entitled 'Arizona and the Grand Canon.' Both lectures were well chosen and the beautiful pictures were interesting to the audience." (entire note)]

1904 2.18463 Rapport sur les conférences. In: Assemblée Générale du 15 Décembre 1904. Société de Géographie d'Alger et de l'Afrique du Nord, Bulletin, 9(4):clx-clxii. [See p. clxi: "Avec M. Barbedette, nous rentrons dans le domaine géographique. Sa parole nette, précise nous a dévoilé les beautés de l'Amérique de l'Ouest, et à sa suite, nous avons pu admirer ce colossal et merveilleux grand Canyon de l'Arizona, ce Titan des abimes, comme l'appellent les Américains." (entire note)]

1904 2.20064 The General Conference. Northwestern Christian Advocate (Chicago), 52(19)(May 11):3-4. [See p. 3: At the opening exercises "it was then found that less than two-thirds [a quorum] of the delegates were present. About three hundred were delayed by an accident to a freight-train on the Santa Fe road, between the main road and the Grand canyon. A large number of trains were at the canyon and were shut in by the accident for from twenty-four to forty hours. The accident was of such a character that it was necessary to rebuild a part of the track." (entire note)]

1904 2.20065 San Diego, Cal. In: Church Notes [section]. Lutheran Observer (Lancaster and Philadelphia), 72(4)(January 22):16 [also paginated concurrently for volume, 112]. ["Rev. H. J. Weaver gave his stereopticon lecture on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, illustrated by 75 colored views of the highest order of artistic merit. the lecture was pronounced superior to the views." (entire item)]

1904 2.19570 Le VIIIe Congrès international de Géographie. In: Généralités [section]. Annales de Géographie (Paris), 13(72)(November 15):467-468. [Includes concluding note (p. 468): "Enfin, après la clôture des séances, une grande excursion a promené plus de 70 congressistes jusqu'à Mexico en passant par les cañons du Colorado et en revenaunt par le Texas, sous la conduite de Mr W. M. Davis, assisté par Mr R. T. Hill. Sur la proposition de MMrs Hill et Davis, une pétition a été adressée aux pouvoirs publics pour élever, au Grand Cañon du Colorado, un monument à J. W. Powell." [footnote here, reading as follows:] "D'après les renseignements communiqués par Mr Emm. de Martonne, qui participa au Congrès ainsi qu'aux excursions et nous donnera prochainement un article sur les observations recueillies au cours de son voyage en Amérique." For the article by de Martonne, see Item no. 2.19569.]

1904 2.19308 [El Tovar Hotel.] In: Frigiferous Particulars [section]. Ice and Refrigeration, 27(1)(July 1):29. ["The Bright Angel Tavern, which is being constructed by the Santa Fe Railroad Co. at Los Angeles, Cal. [sic], is to be completed some time next fall. The house will cost, it is stated, about $150,000, and will have a full modern equipment." (entire item)]

1904 2.14101 Nu Chapter. In: Personal and Alumni Notes [section]. The Frater (Psi Omega Fraternity), 3(2)(January):106-107. [F. C. Friesell trip through Arizona, including plan for float trip on [lower] Colorado River and visit to Grand Canyon, "which the Editor's brother has explored and traversed by boat." Managing Editor of The Frater is H. E. Friesell. Although it is not clear in context as to whether the "Editor's brother" refers to F. C. Friesell in the third person, or to a third brother, it refers to Frederick Charles Friesell, as confirmed in a subsequent report, (3)(March):161.]

1904 2.13783 Grand Canon. The Student's Journal (New York), 33(8)(August):8. [Text attributed to Scientific American; also transcribed in Graham shorthand.]

1904 2.13702 From an Oxford Note-Book [column]. The Observatory (London), 27(November)(350):417-422. [Written in the first-person, but authorship not discerned. See pp. 420-421.]

1904 2.13497 Marshall P. Wilder at the Grand Canyon. Railway and Locomotive Engineering, 17(12)(December):539-540.

1904 2.15567 Progressive men of Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Fremont and Oneida Counties, Idaho. Chicago: A. W. Bowen and Co., 664 pp. [See "Ira Call", pp. 182-185; includes notice of "Call's Landing in Arizona", p. 182.]

1904 2.15341 California fragments. Lutheran Observer, 72(49)(December 2):17 [also paginated 1553]. [Includes note: "Pastor Oehler, of the German church, Sacramento, recently delivered his two new lectures, 'The wonders of the Grand Cañon' and 'The Rhine and its Beautiful Lengends,' [sic] to large audiences in the Congregational church of that city. The daly papers spoke in terms of the highest praise of the lectures, both of which are the result of Rev. Oehler's own investigations and labors, even to the making and coloring of the slides." (entire note of pertinence)]

1904 2.14922 [Anedcdote.] In: Along the Horizon [section]. The Advance (Chicago), 43(July 21)(2019):67. ["An English visitor says that in the Grand Canyon we have national glories without a parallel. This English visitor is without a parallel." (entire item)]

1904 2.14923 Masterful paintings. Overland Monthly, 44(3)(September):386. [Notice of forthcoming exhibition of Grand Canyon paintings by Arthur W. Best.]

1904 2.14925 The Brigham lecture. The Miami Student (Miami University, Ohio), 24(3)(December):94. [Review of lecture by Nat M. Brigham on "Grand Canyon of the Colorado". Also notes forthcoming lectures in Cincinnati and at the White House in Washington, D.C., "at the special invitation of President Roosevelt, his old classmate [at Harvard University], to lecture before a select company."]

1904 2.14829 The Spectator. Outlook, 76(7)(February 13):399-400. [Column by "Spectator". See p. 399, item mentioning travelers' expectations of places, noting, "he expects what he finds"; with an example: "Even the Grand Cañon of the Colorado came to be a convenient receptacle for rubbish to the Chinese cook employed in the hotel upon its brink, and the Spectator has seen him slide potato-parings into that stupendous chasm without visible emotion." (entire note)]

1904 2.15088 The Santa Fe. The Railroad Telegrapher, 21(5)(May):603-604, (6)(June):747-749. [News and information includes lengthy, disparaging comments relating to the more than 3000 Methodists enroute to General Conference in Los Angeles, first stranded for more than a day on the Grand Canyon line due to overexerted engines and failure of the road bed, and the overcrowding of facilities at Grand Canyon.]

1904 2.21264 [Note regarding El Tovar.] Domestic Engineering, 29(7)(November 12):46. ["Eugene Murray, of Albuquerque, N. M., is superintending the plumbing work being done by the Whitney Co. at the new railroad hotel at the Grand Canyon of Arizona." (entire item)]

1904 2.21455 Master plumbers in California; to our better halves. The Plumbers' Trade Journal [and] Gas, Steam and Hot Water Fitters' Review, (February 1):127-128. [See p. 127, retelling of a descent into Grand Canyon on Bright Angel Trail mounted on "burros".]

1904 2.22593 [Lecture.] The Standard (A Baptist Newspaper) (Chicago), 51(42)(June 18):29 [also paginated consecutively for the volume, 1309]. ["Rev. Herman J. Powell gave his lecture on the 'Grand Canon' before the boys' brotherhood of the Memorial Church of Los Angeles, Cal., on May 20. Rev. C. C. Pierce is the pastor of this aggressive church." (entire note)]

1904 2.22003 The twentieth century home encyclopedia and gazetteer. [Vol. I, A-Covenant.] Irvington, New York: The Cosmopolitan Publishing House, pp. 1-608. [See p. 560, "Colorado River, or Colorado of the West".]

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1904 2.21835 Die "Farbenwüste" von Arizona. In: Allgemeine Rundschau [section]. Beilage zur Allgemeinen Zeitung (München), 1904(187)(August 17):319. [About the Painted Desert but includes note of "Grand Canon of Colorado" [sic].]

1905 2.21894 Grand Canyon train service. In: News and Notes [section]. Railway Age, 39(5)(February 3):157. [Two daily trains established January 22 on Grand Canyon Railway. Also note of "completion of the Hotel El Tovar, one of the most costly hostelries in the Southwest."]

1905 2.21895 No deadheading to Grand Canyon. Railway Age, 39(26)(June 30):1183. [Grand Canyon Railway "is to be unique as a non-pass road".]

1905 2.15374 Eine Schwebebahn über dem Grand Canyon des Colorado. In: Kleine Mitteilungen aus allen Erdteilen [section]. Deutsche Rundschau für Geographie und Statistik 28(2)(November):91. [Monorail over Grand Canyon proposed to allow visitors greater access. (Actually pertains to proposed cable car between Colorado River and Kaibab Plateau.)]

1905 2.15249 [William Allen White.] In: Books and Articles [section]. University of Kansas, Graduate Magazine, 4(3)(December):114. ["For McClure's Magazine he wrote a description of the Grand Canon of the Colorado. The article was illustrated by page plates in color." (entire note of pertinence)]

1905 2.15224 The Grand Canon of the Colorado. Our Paper (Massachusetts Reformatory, Concord Junction), 21(37)(September 16):580. [From McClure's Magazine.]

1905 2.15319 Eine Schwebebahn über dem Grand Canon des Colorado. In: Miscellanea [section]. Schweizerische Bauzeitung (Wochenschrift für Bau-, Verkehrs- und Maschinentechnik) (Schwizerische Ingenieur- und Architekten-Vereins und der Gesellschaft ehemaliger Studierender des eidgenössischen Polytechnikums in Zürich), 46(21)(November 18):260. [Monorail over Grand Canyon proposed to allow visitors greater access. (Actually pertains to proposed cable car between Colorado River and Kaibab Plateau.)]

1905 2.13385 De Julien, an unknown explorer. In: Outdoor Men and Women [section]. Outing, 46(5)(August):600, 601-605. [D. Julien. Upper basin; cited here for brief reference to Julien possibly crossing at Fort Yuma, p. 605.]

1905 2.14426 Conférences sur les États-Unis. In: Informations [section]. Le Globe (Société de Géographie de Genève), 44:158-159. [Announcement of lecture series by Arthur de Claparède under the society's patronage for the benefit of the blind, including "Le grand cañon du Colorado, the greatest thing in the world (Territoire d'Arizona)."]

1905 2.14457 [Glenwood Hotel, Riverside, California.] The Philistine (East Aurora, New York), 21(3)(August):78-80. [El Tovar, Grand Canyon, pp. 79-80.]

1905 2.14471 New practical spelling; a text book for use in commercial schools, colleges, normal schools, high schools, and academies. [No place]: Practical Text Book Co., 122 pp. [See "Wonders of the World", running note, pp. 116-120; specifically, "The Grand Cañon of the Colorado in Arizona", p. 119.]

1905 2.14476 The Grand Cañon air line. In: With the Procession [section]. Everybody's Magazine, 13(4)(October):564-565. [Grand Cañon Transportation Co., of Utah, incorporated; "to stretch a wire cable across the Grand Cañon, anchor it on the opposite side of the gorge, and run a car back and forth, eight thousand feet in the air." (p. 564)]

1905 2.12876 [Note on memorial meeting for John Wesley Powell held by 8th International Geographic Congress at Grand Canyon, with resolution to establish a commemorative marker.] In: Scientific Items [section]. Popular Science Monthly, (January):296.

1905 2.12988 Telephone over the great Mojave desert. Telphony, 10(2)(August):120.

1905 2.12894 New Grand Canyon hotel, El Tovar. The Dial, 38(January 1):27. [Likely an advertisement by Fred Harvey Co. written as an article.]

1905 2.12940 [Opening of El Tovar at Grand Canyon.] The Railway Conductor (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), 22(5)(May):382-383.

1905 2.13163 [Lecture by François E. Matthes at 241st Corporate Meeting, on "Across the Grand Canyon by a New Trail".] In: Proceedings of the Club [section]. Appalachia, 11(1)(June):87-88.

1905 2.19441 [Note color illustrations of Grand Canyon.] In: Leading Articles in the Reviews [section]. Review of Reviews, 32(October):395. ["The feature of McClure's Magazine for September is the set of gorgeous colour prints, finer than any I ever remember to have seen, of the Grand Cañon, Colorado River, in Arizona. they are really wonderful specimens of colour-printing." (entire item) Pertains to the article by William Allen White (see Item no. 2.6891).]

1905 2.19669 626. Sitzung am 3. März 1905. In: Sitzungsberichte [section]. Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Karlsruhe, Verhandlungen, 18[1904-1905]:18* [sic, pagination for Sitzungsberichte]. [Report on 8th International Geographical Congress, including notice of field trip stop at Grand Canyon.]

1905 2.19849 National Women's Christian Temperance Union tour. Chritian Nation, 43(August 23):13-14. [Itinerary. See p. 13, Sabbath stop at Grand Canyon, and description of canyon.] [N.B.: The running head on p. 13 erroneously gives the date of publication as August 16.]

1905 2.20009 Twentieth Annual Convention of the National Editorial Association. [Part] V. The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer (New Orleans), 35(6)(August 5):90. [Series pertains to the meeting in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and the post-meeting excursion to the West Coast. Series begun in 35(2)(July 8). In this part a paragraph is devoted to notes pertaining to crossing the Colorado River at Yuma and the Salton Sea. Part IV, (5)(July 29):72, concludes parenthetically with a remark in El Paso, Texas: "[We] were soon back in our Pullmans again, knowing that during the night we should skirt along southern new Mexico and by Saturday morning, June 17, be fairly launched on the arid plans [sic] of Arizona, that strange land of constant sunshine, of petrified forests, of Gila monsters, of sand storms and of heat, heat, heat, hot and inusfferable, of which more anon."]

1905 2.18111 A trip to Mexico with Charles H. Gates. National Magazine, 21(5)(February):586-590. [Promotional piece for Gates's conducted tours. Grand Canyon, in passing, p. 587, and quoted from Our Italy by Charles Dudley Warner, pp. 589-590.]

1905 2.18102 [Swami Abhedananda tour of North America.] In: Vedanta in America [section]. Vedanta Monthly Bulletin (Vedanta Society, New York), 1(8)(November):125-126. [Notes, p. 125, "With the President of the Society, Prof. Parker of Columbia University, he climbed some of the high peaks of the Canadian Rockies, spent a few days at the Portland Fair, skirted the coast of the Northern Pacific and rode through the Grand Cañon of Arizona." (entire note)]

1905 2.18216 [Announcement for Charles H. Gates conducted trip to Mexico.] In: Publisher's Department. National Magazine, 23(3)(December):[unpaginated, 3 pp.] [Grand Canyon stop noted.]

1905 2.18235 The White Sands of New Mexico. American Manufacturer and Iron World (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), 76(24)(June 15):762. [Grand Canyon, in passing. "From article by Frank B. Brady, in Mines and Minerals for June."]

1905 2.18379 Central Normal notes. In: State Educational News [section]. Moderator-Topics (Lansing, Michigan), 25(34)(May 4):678. [Includes: "Prof. Calkins gave an interesting talk in the chapel, Friday, on the Grand Cañon. he showed the different kinds of rock to be found in this region, and gave a glimpse of the wonderful stories these various structures tell to the geologist." (entire note)]

1905 2.19221 Cage for passengers. Railroad Men (New York), 19(2)(November):74. ["A local machinery firm has turned out a 1,000-pound iron cage to be used in swinging passengers and horses across the river of the Grand Canon of the Colorado, near where the Santa Fé has built its fine hotel. The capacity is ten persons, or one horse.--Salt Lake City Desert [sic] News." (entire item) Rust cable near the foot of Bright Angel Trail.]

1905 2.16438 Exploration of the wilds of southeastern Utah. Deseret News, (April 1):25-26 [issue pagination]. [Includes notes of Powell expedition.]

1905 2.16439 The geology and Indian traditions of the San Juan. Deseret News, (April 8):28 [issue pagination]. [Includes notes of John Wesley Powell and the Grand Canyon.]

1905 2.16440 To span Grand Canyon. Talk of an aerial tramway over the world's greatest gorge. Deseret News, (August 8):5 [issue pagination]. [Tram from bottom of Bright Angel Trail to North Rim.]

1905 2.16443 To the Grand Canyon. Senator Smoot and party will leave on Friday to explore it. Deseret News, (September 12):1 [issue pagination]. [Reed Smoot.]

1905 2.16444 Off tomorrow. Congressman Howell comes down to join Grand Canyon expedition. Deseret News, (September 14):2. [Congressman Joseph Howell (Republican).]

1905 2.16445 Utah party on Arizona "strip". How school question cuts figure in proposition to annex it to Utah. Will meet delegate Smith. Something of the "nearest" justice 240 miles away, over the canyon close at hand--Into the wilderness. Deseret News, (September 23):1 [issue pagination]. [Regarding annexation of Arizona Strip.]

1905 2.16446 Back from the Grand Canyon. Congressman Howell enthusiastic over the trip into the south country. Praises President Woolley. Party had a glorious time and return much impressed with conditions in that section. Deseret News, (October 2):3 [issue pagination]. [Congressman Joseph Howell. Trip regarding annexation of Arizona Strip to Utah.]

1905 2.16441 A game preserve in Grand Canyon. Proposition to establish one on its rim now under official consideration. Roosevelt has been invited. Expects to take a lion hunting trip on it that will entire eclipse Colorado exploits. Utah man gives particulars. President Woolley came to Salt Lake today to order material for aerial tramway. Deseret News, (August 14):1-2 [issue pagination].

1905 2.16442 Grand Canyon visit. Arrangements for Utah congressional party to go there next month. Deseret News, (August 19):2 [issue pagination]. [Regarding congressional party led by Senator Reed Smoot (Republican-Utah). Also note of Woolley placing order for materials for aerial tramway.]

1905 2.16768 [Exhibition.] American Art News, 3(76)(April 22):1. [Notice of exhibition of ten paintings of Grand Canyon, and 11 pictures and eight studies of Hopi Indians, by Louis Akin at the Clausen Galleries, New York.]

1905 2.16860 [Note.] In: Washington Notes [section]. American Art News, 4(8)(December 2):. [Tenth annual exhibition of the Washington Water Color Club, in the Hemicycle of the Corcoran Gallery. "The Corcoran Gallery has bought out of the exhibition Lucien Powell's 'The Afterglow, Grand Canyon.'" (entire note)]

1905 2.16047 Santa Fe Route. In: Pamphlets, Reports, etc. [section]. Railway Age, 40(1)(July 7):32. ["Access to the Grand Canyon was made easy by the building of a branch of the Santa Fe from Williams, and now the comfort of visitors has been assured by the construction of a $250,000 hotel, 'El Tovar,' the attractions of which are described in a handsome pamphlet, with illustrations. It was rather a bold enterprise for the railroad company to invest such an amount of money in a modern hotel on the confines of civilization, but the stupendous attractions provided by nature at this spot are likely to make the venture remunerative." (entire item)]

1905 2.16048 San Pedro Los Angeles & Salt Lake. Railway Age, 40(11)(September 15):335. ["Surveys have been made for a branch from Las Vegas, Nev., to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, 26 miles, and it is stated that the work of construction will begin at once." (entire item)]

1905 2.16057 Academy session. In: Transactions for December, 1904. Southern California Academy of Sciences, Bulletin, 4(1)(January):2. ["The Secretary, Mr. B. R. Baumgardt, delivered a lecture on 'The Grand Canon of the Colorado,' illustrated by the lantern, with slides from photographs taken largely by hmself and Mrs. Baumgardt, and colored by the latter." Followed by a one-paragraph synopsis signed, "Editor" (name not indicated in issue).]

1905 2.16182 Aufenthalt in St. Louis und die Anthropologische Abteilung der Weltausstellung daselbst. In: Ausserordentliche Sitzung vom 28. Januar 1905 [section]. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, 37:213-216. [Abstract of a report by Hr. Waldeyer.] [8th International Geolographical Congress.] [Grand Canyon noted, p. 214.]

1905 2.16192 [Telephone system in Mojave desert.] In: Current Electrical News [section]. Electrical Review, 47(3)(July 15):111. ["San Bernardino, Cal.--Plans are being made to install a elephone system in the Mojave desert. The route includes a lien from Needles to San Bernardino, also down the west side of the Colorado river to the Santa Fe bridge, and thence to Parker. Another line will extend from Ibex, a station on the Santa Fe, to Searchlight, nev., and still another will reach from Barstow to Johannesburg and Kramer. other lines under contemplation will take in all the towns along the Salt lake as far as las Vegas, from which place a wire will be built to Bullfrog and thence to Tenopah." (entire item)]

1905 2.17722 [Grand Canyon Railway.] In: Editorial Notes [section]. The Railroad Telegrapher, 22(10)(October):1310. ["E. P. Ripley, President of the Santa Fe and also of the Grand Canyon Railway, a part of the Santa Fe, has issued a notice that 'Owing to the character of this line, particularly as to its grades, and with regard to the fact, that it is solely dependent upon its passenger business, it has been decided that hereafter no free transportation will be issued over the line, except to employes when traveling on business of the company.' This applies to the Grand Canyon Railway, and the notice further announces that half-fare tickets will be sold employes. it is apparent 'they need the money.'" (entire item)]

1905 2.17814 Séance du 10 janvier 1905. Rapport annuel. Conférance de M. le comte Goblet d'Alviella. Excursion dans le Far-West. Société Royale Belge de Géographie, Compte-Rendu des Actes, 29(1)(January/February):43-51. [See report of conférence, pp. 59-51. Grand Canyon, p. 50, in passing.] [Refer also to Goblet d'Alviella (1906), Item no. 2.17815.]

1905 2.18055 New $250,000 hotel at Grand Canyon. Wetmore's Weekly (St. Louis), 1(28)(March 17):13. [El Tovar.]

1905 2.16991 Snap shots on a mainland tour. The Friend (Honolulu), 62(2)(February):5-7. [Grand Canyon, p. 7.]

1905 2.17222 Ausserordentliche Sitzung vom 28. Januar 1905. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, 37(1). [See "Aufenthalt in St. Louis und die Anthropologische Abteilung der Weltausstellung daselbst", pp. 213-216; specifically, p. 214, notice of visit to Grand Canyon.]

1905 2.96 The Spectator. Outlook, 80(August 26):1005-1010. [Column by "Spectator".] >Mon. 8: 1-7<

1906 2.17000 Goes on expedition. The Tech (Boston) [Massachusetts Institute of Technology], 25(84)(May 14):1, 5. [Geology Department professor D. W. Johnson expedition to Rocky Mountain region, incouding Grand Canyon; with H. W. Shimer and C. H. Decker. Various misstatements and typographical errors. Expedition leaving Prescott for San Francisco Peaks and "Grand Canon of Colorado, then go south to the Utah line, cross the Colorado River, turn west and south over the Kaibal Plateau, reaching the Grand Canon a second time at Point Sublime. From there the expedition will go to southern Utah . . . after which it will investigate the ancient volcanoes and lava cataracts of the Ninkaret Mountains, reaching the Grand Canon a third time at the mouth of the Toroweap valley", then "northward along the great Hurricane fault to Toquerville in southwestern Utah . . . ."]

1906 2.16971 [Thomas Moran.] The International Studio, 28(April[?]):xvi-xvii. [Moran's Chasm of the Colorado, noted in passing.]

1906 2.16255 In Grand Canyon. Our Paper (Massachusetts Reformatory, Concord Junction), 22(23)(June 9):356. [From Chicago Record-Herald.]

1906 2.16830 The recent work of Albert L. Groll. Brush and Pencil, 18(2)(August):frontispiece, 43-51, 53-54. [See frontispiece, "Arizona", and p. 43: "It is only a stretch of desert and sky and low-lying hills, but it glows like a gem with the indescribable, never-to-be-fogotten color of the Colorado Desert." (entire note)]

1906 2.16452 Grand Canyon branch. R. C. Kerens confirms story that Clark will build one. Deseret News, (March 14):2 [issue pagination]. [Plans for rail line from Moapa along Moapa River [Muddy River] to "Grand Canyon" and tourist development there to compete with the Santa Fe; also a crossing of the Virgin River at Rioville and continuing to Chloride to connect with the Arizona & Utah line. (See also Item no. 11.2628.)]

1906 2.16453 From the Salton Sea. Deseret News, (March 15):1 [issue pagination]. ["Calexico, Cal., March 13--Wharton James and Louis Francis Brown have reached here with three boats and Indian guides en route from Yuma to the Salton sea, by way of the Colorado river and overflow through the wilderness. ¶They are the first white men to make the trip." (entire item) (George Wharton James.)]

1906 2.16454 Kanab [news]. Roadway to Grand Canyon. Now under construction. Deseret News, (June 30):13 [issue pagination]. ["President E. D. Woolley left Kanab last night with a gang of laborers to make a trail into the Grand canyon. Work on the trail and the tramway across the canyon will now be pushed to completion. It is expected the game preserve created by Congress on the Buckskin mountain will attract swarms of tourists." (entire note)]

1906 2.16455 Fredonia, Arizona [news]. Trail across Grand Canyon. Work being pushed for passageway over Colorado River. Deseret News, (July 10):9 [issue pagination].

1906 2.16456 Kanab [news]. Grand Canyon visitors. Deseret News, (July 23):3 [issue pagination]. ["A party of young people left here to visit the Grand Canyon this afternoon. Parley Day of Fillmore, John Christensen of American fork and B. Y. Woolley, of Kanab made up the party. This is the second of the parties to visit the canyon on this side this summer. There are four or five more parties planned here to visit the canyon in the near future." (entire note)]

1906 2.16457 Grand Canyon. The canyon of canyons. Its glories and grandeur now accessible to the tourist. Deseret News, (August 29):3 [issue pagination]. [Notice of availability of trail into Bright Angel Canyon, and cable car over Colorado River. Article begins with lengthy quotation from John Wesley Powell.]

1906 2.16458 Kanab [news]. Trail and aerial tramway over Colorado nearly completed. Deseret News, (August 29):9 [issue pagination].

1906 2.16459 Toquerville [news]. Wonders of Grand Canyon. Will soon be accessible to public--Trail completed. Deseret News, (September 4):3 [issue pagination].

1906 2.16502 Energy from Colorado River. In: Told After Dinner [section]. The Search-Light, 27 (new series, 3)(10)(March 10):160. ["The energy of the Colorado River is to be transmitted to Los Angeles, according to plans now being matured by local and Philadelphia capitalists. First, the power is to be distributed among the mining camps on the Nevada and Arizona border, and ultimately it will be transmitted to Los Angeles City. It is claimed that between the Grand Cañon of the Colorado and the Black Cañon it is possible to take advantage of certain sites and develop 500,000 horsepower." (entire item)]

1906 2.19159 Cage for passengers. In: Railway News [section]. The Railway Signal (London), 26(1)(January):9. ["A local machinery firm has turned out a 1,000-pound iron cage to be used in swinging passengers and horses across the river of the Grand Canon of the Colorado, near where the Santa Fé has built a fine hotel. The capacity is ten persons, or one horse.--Salt Lake City Desert [sic] News." (entire item) Rust cable near the foot of Bright Angel Trail.]

1906 2.18900 More analogies between western American and Egypt. In: Archeology, Paleontology, Ethnology [section]. New Century Path, 9(38)(July 29):5. [Lower Colorado River and irrigation.]

1906 2.18450 Negatives wanted. In: Notes and Comment [sectoin]. The Photo-Miniature, 7(76)(January):186-187. [Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. "will pay $3 each for negatives made with any of their Anastigmat lenses . . . . * * * The views may be . . . of well-known objects in nature, as the Grand Cañon of Arizona, Yosemite Valley,--anything that is renowned in history, poem or story." Includes conditions and specifications.]

1906 2.19732 The Santa Fe trail. In: Summer Tours [section]. Good Housekeeping, 13(6)(June):655. [The Santa Fe Railway skirts "the Grand Canon and making this wonder of the world one of its own attractions." Also, "The rush for the Grand Canon of the Colorado and for California, to say nothing of Colorado, will find this Santa Fe trail stretching away southwestward with all the enticements imaginable." (entire notes)]

1906 2.12901 Arizona. Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Coconino County. In: Geographical Record [section]. American Geographical Society, Bulletin, 38(6):387. [List of new geographical names.]

1906 2.12913 [Buffalo Jones and Grand Canyon.] The Philistine (East Aurora, New York), 23(5)(October):140-146.

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1906 2.13654 View slides. The Geographical Teacher, 3(Part 5)(Summer)(No. 15):227-232. [See "Special Set . . . California and S.W. of United States", pp. 231-232.]

1906 2.13788 The Grand Canon of the Colorado. The Summary (Elmira, New York), 34(6)(September 15):5. [Credited to McClure's.]

1906 2.14748 Cheap summer rates to California. American Poultry Journal, 37:688. [Santa Fe Railway.]

1906 2.21747 The Salton Sink. Franklin Institute, Journal, 162(1)(July):23-24. [Notice of publication of U.S. Geological Survey map.]

1906 2.22073 The New England Sanitarium. In: Medical Missionary [section]. Atlantic Union Gleaner (Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, South Lancaster, Massachusetts), 5(1)(January 3):8. [Includes notice of stereopticon lecture by George Wharton James, given at the sanitarium December 16 (1905) "on the Grand Canon of Colorado" [sic]. Also, parlor talks were given by him on other subjects.]

1906 2.22782 In the Library [section]. The Christian Work and The Evangelist, 81(2075)(November 24):655. [Includes brief quotation noting Grand Canyon, from The Land of Enchantment by Lilian Whiting (see Item no. 2.6896).]

1906 2.22253 En kvinnlig globe-trotter. Idun (Illustrerad Tidning för Kvinnan och Hemmet) (Stockholm), 19(30)(July 26):359-360. [Brief article about the world travels of Miss Eva af Winklerfelt (1854-), with biographical notes and photographic portrait. Includes (p. 359) brief note of visit to Grand Canyon and trail trip into the canyon: "Från Mexiko reste hon öfver El Paso till Grand Canyon i Arizona, ett af världens under i fråga om bergformationer och färgprakt. Där företogs en lifsfarlig ridt ned i dalen längs en väg, som för det mesta endast är en smal stig och slingrar sig utmed höga klippor och bråddjup. Nere i djupet finnes en asbestgrufva." (entire note)] [In Swedish.]

1906 2.21450 Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin. Märzsitzung. In: Gesellschaften und Vereine [section]. Deutsche Literaturzeitung, 27(12)(March 24):columns 745-746. [Synopsis of lecture by E[mil]. Deckert on "Arizona und Südkalifornien".]

1906 2.21551 The Grand Canon. School Music Monthly, 7(29)(March/April):3. ["This great natural wonder is in a class by itself. No other sight on this continent gives such an impression of sublimity. When planning for your trip to California, arrange to go by the Santa Fe railroad and take this side trip to the Grand Canon. A fine hotel there and a comfortable train running up from the main line." (entire item)] [NOTE: Cover gives date as March/April; masthead gives date as March. The serial at this time is in fact a bimonthly (despite its title); the following issue is for May/June.]

1907 2.21522 The only thing to do. Saturday Evening Post, 179(52)(June 29):19. ["Jim Hance" anecdote about wife falling into Grand Canyon. John Hance.]

1907 2.22028 San Francisco earthquake and Alaska. In: Miscellaneous Intelligence [section]. Periodical Accounts Relating to the Foreign Missions of the Church of the Brethren ("Moravians") (Brethren's Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel Among the Heathen, London), Second Century, 6(66)(June):420. [Includes: "Nothing further is said about Dr. Romig and his family, nor about the Salton Sea. god grant that this may mean that the lives of the Romigs have been spared, and that nothing serious has occurred at or near Martinez, which, as our readers will remember, is one of the stations in our Californian Indian Mission."]

1907 2.22178 [Lamar Brothers, Needles, Arizona, to run motor launch to Parker bridge site.] The Motor Boat (New York), 4(4)(February 25):60. ["Needles, Ariz.--Water Pearl, a new gasolene [sic] motorboat, recently launched by Lamar Brothers, is 33 feet long with a beam of 5½ feet and draws about 14 inches. The power is furnished by a 25-h. Brennan motor. As soon as work is commenced on the big bridge to be built across the Colorado River, a few miles above Parker, on the Arizona side by the Arizona and California Railroad, it will be placed on schedule time to connect with the Santa Fé at Topock and run to the new bridge." (entire item)]

1907 2.21692 Lecture Committee. Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, Bulletin (Buffalo, New York), 8(6):33-35. [See p. 34: "Jan. 23, 1907. Mr. George Wharton James, 'The Mysterious Salton Sea'. Illustrated." (entire note)]

1907 2.14696 Developing opportunities in the South and Southwest. In: Wilderness to Wealth [section]. Opportunities of To-day, 3(6)(October):15. [Notes briefly Santa Fe Railway development and promotion at Grand Canyon.]

1907 2.14862 From the Utah Fraternity. Denver Medical Times, 27(2)(August):58. [Camping parties in association with first summer meeting of the third Councilor District Medical Society of Utah, including one to Grand Canyon, "across the Buckskin mountains in pioneer style . . . for 25 days".]

1907 2.14920 [Anecdote about "Jim Hance".] In: Personal Views on Current Events [section]. The Gateway (Detroit), 9(4)(November):26. ["Turkey in the Straw" mule anecdote. John Hance.]

1907 2.15626 The Grand Canon of Colorado [sic]. Our Paper (Massachusetts Reformatory, Concord Junction), 23(3)(January 19):26. [From McClure's Magazine.]

1907 2.13772 [Voice heard at great distance.] From: "From Punch" [subsection]. In: Highways and Byways [section]. The Chautauquan, 46(3)(May):270. ["'Eighteen miles is the longest distance at which a man's voice has been heard. This occurred at the Grand Cañon of the Colorado, where a man shouting 'Bob' at one end was plainly heard at the other, eighteen miles away.' --Cassell's Saturday Journal. This works out at a mile and a half for a penny, so it isn't so wonderful after all." (entire note) presumably referring to British postal rates.]

1907 2.13805 [Lecture.] In: Geographical Record [section]. American Geographical Society, Bulletin, 39(1):42. [". . . the speaker of the evening, Mr. Howard W. Du Bois, who addressed the Society on the Grand Cañon of the Colorado. Stereopticon views were shown." (entire note)]

1907 2.13618 Down the Grand Canyon. In: From Other Magazines [section]. Strand Magazine, 32(January)(192):716. [Brief excerpt of trail trip, from E. W. G. Wesson article in Wide World Magazine; with illustration.]

1907 2.13469 Record of the Class of 1892; Secretary's report no. IV. For the fifteenth anniversary. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The University Press, for the use of the class, 282 pp. [See p. 131, Nathaniel Saltonstall Howe Sanders; and p. 213, Charles Gershom Van Brunt.]

1907 2.14279 [Anecdote about "Jim Hance".] Shields' Magazine, 5(6)(December):403. [John Hance. Item credited to Saturday Evening Post.]

1907 2.12965 Two women in the desert. Good Housekeeping, 44(6)(June)(344):673-675. ["Two of our Good Housekeeping women ventured through the Painted Desert, a summer or two ago, to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado without male escort." One woman is identified as "Mrs Carlson" of Connecticut.]

1907 2.13069 President King and Dr. St. John's summer trip. Oberlin Alumni Magazine, 4(1)(October):17-18.

1907 2.19460 April 14, 1906--416th meeting. In: Proceedings [section]. Biological Society of Washington, Proceedings, 19(February 21):xvi. ["The following communication was presented: D. T. MacDougal: The Delta and Desert of the Rio Colorado." (entire note)]

1907 2.19283 [Inter-California railroad.] In: Railroad Construction [section]. Railroad Gazette, 42(2)(January 11):62. ["Inter-California, projected from Calexico, Cal. near international boundary, southeast through Mexico, thence northeast crossing the international boundary line near Colorado river to a connection with the Southern Pacific line near Yuma, Ariz., a total of 54 miles. About four miles in California completed last year." (entire item)]

1907 2.19284 New reading rooms and club houses on the Santa Fe. Railroad Gazette, 42(17)(April 26):590. [Includes notice of new Recreation Hall at Needles, California (also illustrated).]

1907 2.19285 [New bridge over Colorado River.] In: Railroad Structures [section]. Railroad Gazette, 42(19)(May 10):662. ["Needles, Cal.--The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, it is said, will build a new bridge over the Colorado river at this place." (entire item)]

1907 2.19859 [Lecture.] In: News Notes and Wants [section]. Plant World, 10(9)(September):216. ["Dr. D. T. Macdougal lectured at the Brooklyn Institute on the evening of October 4, and the New York Botanical Garden on the afternoon of the 5th on the Salton Sea and the changes in the vegetation of the enclosing basin." (entire item)] [N.B.: September issue noting October lectures, thus.]

1907 2.18436 The fly in the picture. In: Stories Just a Few [section]. The Lyceumite and Talent (Chicago), (The Lyceumite, 6(2))(Talent, 18(6))(December):42. [Summary of presentation by Martin Tew on "Wonders of the West", when "a fly, seemingly as big as a mastodon, walked into the picture, took a position on the heights of Vishnu temple and looked down into the canyon."]

1907 2.18208 The meetings of the American Civic Association. Newport, Rhode Island, Civic League Bulletin, 2(5)(December):5-8. [Meetings held in Providence, Rhode Island. See p. 7: "One of the interesting features of the session was the dispatch of a telegram to President Roosevelt urging hm to invoke federal aid in preserving the Grand Canyon of the Colorado free from desecration . . . ." (entire note)]

1907 2.19198 Line for Grand Canyon of Colorado [sic]. Electric Traction Weekly, 3(44)(October 31):1111. ["Report comes from the Southwest that an electric line is to invade the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. It is proposed to construct it over the Bright Angel trail as far down as the Indian Gardens, about half way, and then along that plateau to the Grand View trail. A representative of the General Electric Company, it is reported, was recently over the ground looking over the project. The power is to be furnished from Babbitt's location some miles above." (entire item)] [Apparently a power supply for the Grandview Mine.]

1907 2.16507 Another nature-faker. Life, 50(1304)(October 24):498. [Anecdote about "Jim Hance". John Hance; pet fish story. Item credited to Saturday Evening Post.]

1907 2.16460 Grand Canyon. Scenic resort preparing for large tourist traffic. Deseret News, (February 8):3 [issue pagination]. [Grand Canyon village.]

1907 2.16461 What St. George is, has and wants. T. P. Cottam, representative from the south, discusses these subjects. Awaits railroad advent. Has copper, silver, fine farms and sunshine--Needs good roads, bridges and Arizona Strip. Deseret News, (February 8):10 [issue pagination].

1907 2.16462 Railroading in Arizona. Line completed from Wickenburg to Parker. Deseret News, (June 19):2 [issue pagination]. [Arizona & California Railroad.]

1907 2.16463 Kanab [news]. Deseret News, (July 4):7 [issue pagination]. ["A very interesting conference of the Relief societies of this stake has just closed. Mesdames Dusenberry and King were in attendance. Today they are starting to the Grand canyon, accompanied by President E. D. Woolley and others, who go to complete the tramway across the Colorado river." (entire note)]

1907 2.16464 A novel railroad. One from brink to bottom of Grand Canyon of Colorado to be built. Deseret News, (August 8):1 [issue pagination]. ["Santa Fe [Railway] officials have arranged with Ohio people to build a novel railroad from the brink to the bottom of the Grand canyon of the Colorado river. The grade will be so steep it almost can be called[,] it is said, a perpendicular railroad. It is to be about three miles long and will cost fully $100,000 a mile. It will be a cog railroad, with a rack rail, which will form a continuous double ladder, into which the toothed wheels of the locomotive will work." (entire item)] [Cog railway.]

1907 2.16465 Through Grand Canyon. Ventursome miners will go down Colorado River in boats. Deseret News, (August 27):2 [issue pagination]. [Bert Loper, Charles Russell, and Edwin Monett; names mispelled in article as "Bert Roper", "Charles Russel", and "Ed. Monnett".]

1907 2.16275 Railroad into canyon. Popular Mechanics, 9(10)(October):1102. ["The Grand canyon (sic) of the Colorado is a mile deep, and down its wall-like side a rock railway will be built. It will probably be the steepest railroad in the world and will save passengers an all-day and dangerous trip on horseback. Its construction will be along lines of other rock roads already in operation." (entire item)] [Cog railway?]

1907 2.16995 The locomotives of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. The Engineer (Chicago), (September 13):253-256. [See pp. 253-254, notes on the Arizona division from Seligman, Arizona, to Bakenfield [sic Bakersfield], California.]

1907 2.17421 La lluvia y la forma de la tierra. Cómo nacen las colinas--Cañones y ventisqueros--El agua ingeniero, minero y arquitecto. Alrededor del Mundo (Madrid), (January 16):43. [Notes Grand Canyon of the Colorado River and its dimensions, but an illustration, "Una vista del gran cañón del Colorado", is indistinguishable and may not depict the Grand Canyon of Arizona.]

1907 2.18020 Third Summer Meeting; Wareham and Lytchett Heath. In: The Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club During the Season 1906-1907 [section]. Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club, Proceedings, 28:lxvii-lxxviii. [See p. lxxiv: On viewing Mariposa lilies during a field trip, "their guide told them that when she was with her husband in the Grand Canon they rode through them as one would ride through fields of buttercups." (entire note)]

1907 2.17443 [Note of recent article on Grand Canyon that appeared in the November [1906] issue of Popular Science Monthly.] In: Educational [section]. Scottish Geographical Magazine, 23(1)(January):51

1907 2.97 Annexation of lower Colorado. Engineering News, 57(March 21):327.

1907 2.98 The story of James White; first explorer of the Grand Cañon. In: Outdoor Men and Women [section]. Outing Magazine, 50(1)(April):46-49. [Includes transcription and facsimile reproduction of James White's letter, pp. 48-49.] >Mon. 8: 1-8<

1908 2.18014 He fell slow. Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters' Journal (Chicago), 13(1)(January):6. ["Turkey in the Straw" mule anecdote. John Hance.]

1908 2.17612 No winged tourists. Santa Fe Employes' Magazine, 2(9)(August):694. [Anecdote about "Jim Hance". John Hance; no-tourists-with-wings story. Uncredited.]

1908 2.16092 Race across Colorado Desert. The Horseless Age, 22(21)(November 18):691. [Los Angeles, California, to Phoenix, Arizona. Includes brief note of Colorado River crossing.]

1908 2.16466 To harness the Colorado. Deseret News, (January 9):3 [issue pagination]. [Power-production dam at Lees Ferry proposed. Includes note, "It is the reported intention of the eastern syndicate of capitalists to build an electric railroad from Bright Angel trail to either the Clark road at Lund or the D. & R. G. at Marysvale."; i.e., Old Bright Angel Trail, North Rim.]

1908 2.16467 New road taps rich territory. Extension of Clark road now planned as formerly announced. Engineers receive orders. As soon as weather permits surveyors will take the field to run preliminary lines. Deseret News, (April 15):5 [issue pagination]. [Extension of Salt Lake Route into northwestern Arizona.]

1908 2.16468 Discovery of deepest canyon in the world. Yentna Gorge found by Dr. F. A. Cook in American Alaska, is one thousand feet deeper than famous Grand Canyon and much more impressive. Deseret News, (August 8):23 [issue pagination]. [Also includes note: "Until six years ago, the tourist could gain the rim of the Grand canyon of the Colorado only by taking a 90-mile stage ride through the San Francisco mountains and the Painted desert. Now the railroad runs to the canyon, there are several hotels on the south rim, and the tourist looks into the red depths of the Colorado with all the comfort and luxury of seeing the desert from a Pullman." Additional notes on Grand Canyon in places.]

1908 2.16469 Two attractive pictures. Harry Shipler's panorama and his Grand Canyon scene admired. Deseret News, (October 9):1 [issue pagination]. [A ". . . bromide enlargement of a splendid view of the Grand canyon. This picture is an immense affair and one becomes almost hypnotized by looking at it for several minutes. The mile-deep canyon with the turbulent stream winding at the bottom seems to be real, the onlooker easily imagines himself looking over its edge. The thing is wonderfully realistic." (entire note) The other view is a panorama of Salt Lake City.]

1908 2.16769 [Note.] In: Where the Artists are Summering [section]. American Art News, 7(31)(June 13):. ["Thomas Moran is painting at the Grand Canon, Arizona." (entire item)]

1908 2.19160 Kanab, at the gateway of the Grand Canyon. Deseret News, (December 19):97. [Includes photo, "Grand Canyon Transportation Co. Tramway Across Colorado River at Bright Angel Trail, Connecting North Side of Grand Canyon With South Side and Santa Fear Hotel Eltooar." [sic] and photo, "Camp Wooley at Bright Angel" (three men on horses, Kaibab Plateau).]

1908 2.18968 Resources of Lower California. Asociación Financiera Internacional, Boletín (México), 3(7)(February):29. [Includes notes on lower Colorado River region.]

1908 2.19347 The Open Road; Afoot with The Fra [section]. The Fra (The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York), 2(2)(November):17-18. [Regarding conservation of resources; see p. 18: "The wood is gone, but rock is plentiful. The rocks of the Grand Canon could rebuild the cities of the world, and the quarry would not be really opened." (entire note)]

1908 2.14271 Prepare for Los Angeles! In: Editorial Notes [section]. Life Insurance Independent, 20(4)(April):73-74. [National Association of Life Underwriters' convention. Stopover at Grand Canyon; scenery noticed as "the rugged grandeur of the terror-striking cañon" (p. 73). (entire note)]

1908 2.14343 Travel in the United States. Wisconsin Free Library Commission, Study Outlines, no. 19, 27 pp. [See p. 22, "Grand Canon of the Colorado", and in book list, pp.2-3.]

1908 2.13391 Officers' paper. The province of the home in child culture. In: Officers' Department [section]. The Children's Friend, 7(9)(September):361-363. [Begins with a parable of "an old man who was a luminous character" who was "[l]iving on the brink of the Grand Canyon of Arizona".]

1908 2.13464 Professor Felix Adlers Antrittsrede. In: Berichte und Notizen [section], Umschau [subsection]. Monatshefte für Deutsche Sprache und Pädagogik (Organ des Nationalen Deutschamerikanischen Lehrerbundes) (Madison, Wisconsin), 9(10)(December):331-332. [Summary of lecture. See p. 332, Grand Canyon noticed within the American mindset of intellectual freedom.]

1908 2.13819 Deutsche und amerikanische Kulturausgaben. Ethische Kulture (Berlin), 16(22)(November 15):169-170 (see p. 170).

1908 2.13770 Meyers großes konversations-Lexikon; ein Nachschlagewerk des allgemeinen Wissens. Vierter Band. Chemnitzer bis Differenz. Leipzig and Wien: Bibliographisches Institut, 6th ed., 907 [908] pp. [See "Colorado, 1) (Rio C. des Westens)", pp. 234-235.]

1908 2.14918 The wings of the tourist. In: Facetious [section]. The Railroad Telegrapher, 25(1)(January):52. [John Hance anecdote (as "Jim Hance"), from the Saturday Evening Post.]

1908 2.14707 At the El Tovar. Santa Fe Employes' Magazine, 2(9)(August):714-715. [Hotel's physical plant and fire department, including two Kolb Bros. photos.]

1908 2.14708 The conversion of Jim Grouch. Santa Fe Employes' Magazine, 2(11)(October):919. [Cartoon.]

1908 2.14745 A Grand Canyon trip. Camera Craft, 15(5)(May):184. [Grand Canyon Special Excursion, from San Francisco via Santa Fe Railway; announcement.]

1908 2.14534 Die 80. Versammlung Deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte findet in Cöln a. Rh. vom 20.-26. September 1908 statt. In: Kleinere Mitteilungen [section]. Hygienische Rundschau, 18(15)(August 1):922-925. [See p. 922, notice only, presentation by William Morris Davis, "Der grosse Cañon des Colorado".]

1908 2.14535 Die 80. Versammlung Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte findet vom 20. bis 26. September in Cöln am Rhein statt. In: Kleinere Mitteilungen [section]. Das Weltall, 8(24)(September 15):400. [Includes notice only, presentation by "Prof. Morris Davis" [William Morris Davis], "Der große Cañon des Colorado".]

1908 2.21705 [William Phipps Blake conferred LL.D. by University of Arizona.] In: Scientific Notes and News [section]. Science, new series, 27(June 19):965. ["Professor Blake began his work in the southwest as a member of the Williamson expedition which traversed southern California and the Colorado desert in 1852, discoverying the San Gorgonio Pass and making clear the nature of the Salton Basin."]

1908 2.22745 The Outlaw's Christmas. In: Chicago Amusements [section]. The Billboard, 20(45)(November 7):7. ["Theodore Kremer's latest success, The Outlaw's Christmas, is this week's attraction at the Alhambra Theatre. There are four acts, brimful of incident, the scene passing from New York to the Grand Canyon of Arizona and back to New York again, with an abundance of the spectacular, and interest in the characters never lags." (entire item)]

1908 2.22739 [Russell and Monett arrive at Needles.] In: Along the Trail [section]. Santa Fe Employes' Magazine, 2(4)(March):239. ["On February 8 Charles S. Russell and E. R. Monett arrived at the Needles in a sixteen-foot rowboat after aperilous trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon of Arizona and Diamond Creek and Hermit Creek Rapids. Not since 1889, when Robert B. Stanton made a successful trip, has anyone accomplished this remarkable feat. Russell and Monett started from Green River, Utah, on September 20, thus covering the 752 miles in 141 days." (entire item)]

1908 2.22740 [Yellowstone-to-Grand Canyon road.] In: Along the Trail [section]. Santa Fe Employes' Magazine, 2(4)(March):239. ["Business men in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona will petition Congress asking an appropriation of $10,000,000 for a wagon road 1,000 miles long to be built from yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona." (entire item)]

1908 2.22741 [Note.] In: Among Ourselves [section]. Santa Fe Employes' Magazine, 2(6)(May):420. [In the subsection for "Los Angeles": "Quite a crowd stands in front of the city ticket office every day, the cause being a beautiful painting of the Grand Canyon and a relief map of this section showing the elevaiton of the different ranges. It is interesting." (entire note)]

1909 2.22548 A monument to John W. Powell. The Natural Gas Journal (Natural Gas Association of America, New York), 2(5)(May):15. [Congressional appropriation of $5,000 for a memorial to John Wesley Powell at Grand Canyon.]

1909 2.21530 [Note.] In: Indiana [section]. The Apothecary (Boston), 21(3) [new series, 6(3)] (March):44. ["President J. K. Lilly, of Eli Lilly & Company, spent the latter part of February visiting the Grand Canon of the Colorado and southern California. He is accompanied by Mrs. Lilly and will remain several weeks on the Pacific Coast for rest and recreation. He is now at the Hotel Coronado, Coronado Beach, Cal." (entire note)]

1909 2.14942 A monument to John W. Powell. Mines and Minerals, 29(11)(June):520. [Congressional appropriation of $5,000 for a memorial to John Wesley Powell at Grand Canyon. See also item in the July issue.]

1909 2.14943 Memorial to Major J. W. Powell. Mines and Minerals, 29(12)(July):550. [A different text than the item in the June issue (see Item no. 2.14942).]

1909 2.13400 American Pharmaceutical Association. In: Colleges and Associations [section]. The National Druggist, 39(6)(June):190-191. [See p. 190, in railway itinerary for Association meeting in Los Angeles, including day at Grand Canyon.]

1909 2.14235 Arizona's wonderful canyon. In: Mentions [section]. The Railway Conductor, 26(8)(August):714. [From Leslie's Weekly.]

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1909 2.19667 [President Taft.] In: Events of the Week [section]. The Rural New-Yorker, 68(October 30):951. ["The fourth annual dairy show was opened October 14 in Milwaukee. President Taft, from the Grand Canon of Arizona, pressed the button which started the machinery." (entire note) William Howard Taft.]

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1909 2.18223 Added to "America." In: The Center Table [seciton]. The Standard (Chicago), 56(23)(February 6):686 [issue pagination, 14]. Henry Van Dyke additional stanzas to S. F. Smith's hymn, "America", the original having been written "before people know about the Grand Canon, and when 'The West' was at Buffalo." Stanza includes line, "Thy canyons wild and deep . . . ."]

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1909 2.16476 Arizona's wonderful canyon. Deseret News, (December 18):2 [issue pagination]. Brief promotional item, repeated from Leslie's Weekly.]

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1909 2.15793 Dairy show open. Daily Commercial Letter (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chamber of Commerce), 53(October 15, Second Edition, 1:30 P.M.):[2]. ["Touching a telegraph key at Grand Canyon, Ariz., 2,200 miles away, President William H. Taft opened the great dairy show at the Auditorium last night." (entire item)]

1910 2.16174 The call to the five hundred. University of Kansas, Graduate Magazine, 8(7)(April):255. [Editorial.] [Imaginative call for the "Proper Person" to arrange an alumni trip to commencement: ". . . one possessed of a few years' experience as advance man for a circus, and a few more as colonization agent for a railroad, followed by a term as advertising manager for the Grand Canon of the Colorado." (entire note)]

1910 2.16478 Party to hunt for two English lords. Deseret News, (January 17):1 [issue pagination]. ["In a desperate effort to find Lord Osborn Beauclerck of Sussex, England, and Warlington Pike, of victoria, B. C., whose whereabouts have been a mystery every [sic] since Nov. 10, a typical care-free young plainsman of Arizona, Albert gonfaldo, accompanied by a party of five, will leave here [San Diego] Tuesday morning. They will sail around the Lower California peninsula. ¶On Nov. 15, Lord Beauclerck and Pike left Yuma in a small boat for a hunting voyage down the Colorado river, intending to continue to La Paz, where they would take a coast steamer. Since then, not even the British consul at La Paz has had word of them." (entire note)]

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1910 2.16481 New road will tap St. George. Northern Arizona, southern nevada and southern Utah in the route. Capitalized at $24,000,000. Iron Mountain, St. George and Grand Canyon Railroad originated by Salt Lakeers under Arizona charter. Deseret News, (March 23):2 [issue pagination]. [Rail line also projected "into the Grand Canyon country".]

1910 2.16482 Railroad for Good Springs. Deseret News, (March 30):1 [issue pagination]. [Narrow gage railroad for Good Springs mines, with acquisition of the rolling stock of "the old road running from Searchlight to the Colorado river".]

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1910 2.16485 Railroad into Dixie country. Strong reasons cited why the proposed line should be built. Engineer Burgess' paper. The Iron Mountain, St. George and Grand Canyon Railroad's propsition to the club. Deseret News, (June 18):5 [issue pagination]. [Synopsis of M. T. Burgess presentation to Commercial Club.]

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1910 2.16489 Road to St. George. Work on construction is cheduled to begin in thirty days. Deseret News, (August 10):2 [issue pagination]. [Iron Mountain, St. George & Grand Canyon Railroad.]

1910 2.16490 Beauties of Grand Canyon. Louis B. Boucher of Trinidad, Colo., talks of possibilities for a railroad. For combination of tours. Excursions to river gorge including trip to Yellowstone Park would be profitable for the roads. Deseret News, (December 20):10 [issue pagination]. [Advocates construction of rail line to Point Sublime. Comment of note: "My personal interest in Grand Canyon lies in the fact that I was the first man to build a trail from the cliff down its almost perpendicular side to the river bottom, 6,888 feet below."]

1910 2.17643 [Calendar notice.] In: New Calendars [section]. The Egg Reporter (Waterloo, Iowa), 15(14)(January 20):3. ["A magnificent work of art--we can call it nothing less--is the calendar received from the Urbana Egg Case Company, Urbana, Ohio. It shows in its natural beauty and in gorgeous color the Bright Angel Trail of the Grand Canon of the Colorado. Extra copies for framing can, we understand, be had for $1." (entire item)]

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1910 2.18162 Work already ordered. The Lumber Trade Journal (New Orleans), 58(12)(December 15):16. ["Surveys are being made for the Grand Canyon Iron Mountain & Southern, to run from Nephe, Utah to a point in Arizona, a distance of 225 miles." (entire note)]

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1910 2.18131 New York. In: News Items [section]. Medical Century (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), 17(4)(April):126-127. [See p. 127, "The special cars will go right to the Grand Canon, and passengers may either remain in the cars or change to the El Tovar Hotel. This will be the great attraction on the outward trip." (entire note)]

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1911 2.21750 An Indian hero. The Advance (Chicago), 61(May 25):19 [also consecutively paginated for volume, 659]. [Saltamah, a Mojave at Needles, California, is first American Indian awarded the Carnegie medal for heroism for an attempt to save Es-E-Nootie from drowning in the Colorado River.]

1911 2.21587 New Utah railroads. Engineering and Mining Journal, 91(April 15):777. [Notes in part, "The Utah & Grand Cañon Railroad, which is to open up a new section in southern Utah between Lund, on the Salt Lake route, and Knarraville, near the Washington-Iron county line, and which is to continue toward St. George and on to Searchlight, Nev., to connect with the Santa Fé, has acquired the right of way through most of the private property in its route and has applied to the Government for right of way over the Government land, through which it is to pass. * * * It is understood that the same company has made surveys for a proposed line between Marysvale, the terminus of the San Pete Valley branch of the Denver & Rio Grande, southeast to the Grand cañon."]

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1911 2.19845 American Institute of Mining Engineers; an account of the California Meeting and excursions preliminary to starting for Japan. Mines and Minerals, 32(5)(December):294-295. [See p. 294: "The Grand Cañon of the Colorado was reached early Tuesday morning [October 3], where two delightful days were spent at the magnificent Hotel El Tovar. While the cañon was more or less familiar to all, either through Moran's painting or college textbooks, no preconceived idea is comparable with that derived from actually seeing what may be called 'the eighth wonder of the world.'" (entire note)]

1911 2.19355 Campus calendar. The Michigan Alumnus (University of Michigan), 17(June):533-534. [See under "Past Events", p. 533: "Wednesday, [May] 3. * * * F. E. Matthew, of the U. S. Geological Survey, addressed Sigma Xi on 'How the Map of the Grand Canon was Made.'" (entire note)]

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1911 2.18221 [Fort Wayne Medical Society trip to Los Angeles.] In: News, Notes and Comments [section]. Indiana State Medical Association, Journal, 4(4)(April 15):196. ["The Fort Wayne Medical Society has engaged two special Pullmans on the Santa Fe Road for the trip to Los Angeles to attend the annual session of the A. M. A. The party will spend one day at the Grand Cañon. Dr. W. D. Calvin of Fort Wayne is chairman of the committee having charge of the arrangements for the society." (entire item) American Medical Association.]

1911 2.18222 [Ophthamologists' trip to Los Angeles.] In: News, Notes and Comments [section]. Indiana State Medical Association, Journal, 4(4)(April 15):196. ["The editor of The Journal, who is chairman of the Section on Ophthamology of the A. M. A., is making up a special party of ophthamologists to occupy two Pullmans in going from Chicago to Los Angeles to attend this year's session of the A. M. A. Reservations have been made by many prominent ophthamologists in the eastern and central states, and there is room for a few more in order to complete the party. A full day's stop will be made at the Grand Cañon of Arizona. those desiring particulars may address Dr. Albert E. Bulson, Jr., Fort Wayne." (entire item) American Medical Association.]

1911 2.18207 New canyon road. In: News of the Municipalities [section], Roads and Pavements [sub-section]. Municipal Journal (New York), 31(12)(September 20):377. ["A new macadamized highway is being contructed along the Grand Canyon of Arizona for 6½ miles from what is known as Sunset Point to a connection with the El Tovar Hotel, and other points of interest along the rim. * * * At the west end of the highway a magnificent stone structure will be erected as a 'rest house,' where a large collection of curios, paintings and photographs of the canyon will be available." Hermit Rim Road and Hermit's Rest.]

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1911 2.16871 Pictures of the Canyon. In: Exhibitions Now On [section]. American Art News, 10(7)(November 25):2. [Grand Canyon paintings on exhibit at Moulton and Ricketts Galleries, New York.] [See also p. 6, advertisement: "Moulton & Ricketts (New Galleries) 12 West 45th Street New York Exhibition of Paintings of the Grand Canyon of Arizona by Thos. Moran, Elliott Daingerfield, F. Ballard Williams, DeWitt Parshall, Ed. Potthast, Wm. Ritschell, Geo. H. McCord, W. R. Leigh, Luis Mora, Geo. Innes, Jr. November 20th to December 2nd".]

1911 2.16770 The Roman art exhibit. American Art News, 9(32)(June 17):2. [International Art Exhibition, Rome. Includes oil painting by Edward H. Potthast, "Grand Canyon of Arizona". Listed by title only.]

1911 2.16771 Boston. American Art News, 9(32)(June 17):5. [Includes notice of exhibition of oils by American painters at the Vose Galleries. "Of the living painters represented . . . Elliot Daingerfield's 'Lifting of the Veil--Arizona Grand Canon' is a weird piece of pyrotechnical imagination, hard and brittle in quality, and simply impossible in color (Try again, Daingerfield)." (entire note)]

1911 2.16772 [Note.] In: In and Out of the Studios [section]. American Art News, 10(3)(October 28):3. ["De Witt M. Parshall is spending a short time at the Colorado Grand Cañon. he will return to his Carnegie Hall studio about Nov. 10." (entire item)]

1911 2.16170 [Cistern and water flume construction at Grand Canyon.] From: Railways, Steam and Electric [subsection]. In: Contract News Section. Engineering and Contracting, 35(8)(February 22):36 [separately paginated section]. ["Contract News Section" with pagination running consecutively between issues.] ["A cistern and water flume to be located at Grand Canon, Ariz., is planned by the Santa Fe System at an estimated cost of $4,100." (entire note)]

1911 2.16261 Transcontinentalists at Phoenix. Automobile Topics, 24(1)(November 18):42. [The "Raymond and Whitcomb tourists" arrive in the Phoenix area. "From Phoenix the tourists will take a train to the Grand Canyon of Colorado [sic], leaving their cars at the former place, and will be gone four days . . . ." (entire note)]

1912 2.16254 Road that was built for a tour; public-spirited residents of northern Arizona create a "short-cut"--70 miles over desert country. Motor World, 31(12)(June 13):54. [Ash Fork to Grand Canyon. Studebaker sociability run.]

1912 2.16187 Recent purchases. Aesthetics (Hackley Art Gallery, Muskegon, Michigan), 1(1)(October):6. [Noted: "'Grand Canyon'--F. Ballard Williams." (entire note)]

1912 2.16162 Studebaker owners to visit canyon. In: From the Four Winds [section]. Motor Age, 21(March 7):40-41.

1912 2.16163 Studebaker owners visit Grand Canyon; twenty-two cars take part in sociability run that goes out of Phoenix, Arizona--eleven taking part in actual contest--motorists entertained in towns on the route. Motor Age, 21(24)(June 13):17.

1912 2.16046 Senator Clark's recent visit to Los Angeles. Los Angeles Mining Review, 31(22)(February 17):7. [William Andrews Clark, U.S. Senate, 1899-1906.] ["His United Verde mines at Jerome, Ariz., are the richest in gold and copper as well as among the most famous in the world. And there is to be added to the great smelter already that of the Grand Canyon." (sic) (entire note)]
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